10th Salsa Spring Festival | 16 – 19 May 2019

10th Salsa Spring Festival

Welcome to the Salsa Spring World and be part of history!

We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a 4 days amazing event with top international and local artists in the luxury 5 stars Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, just 1 hour from the Athens City Center.

4 days with special guests from all over the world

70 workshops with top international and the best local artists

6 non-stop night parties pool parties

4 nights with amazing shows

2 days with “Gates to the future”

The Qualifiers of Euroson Latino

The Salsa Spring Dance Cup

Our Venue

The award-winning, illustrious 5 * Club Hotel Casino Loutraki opens its doors on Friday 24 May 2018 to welcome the biggest Salsa Festival in Greece! Enjoy 3 magical days and nights in the exquisite areas of CHCL!

Pools, fountains and artificial streams alternate harmoniously, creating a dramatic backdrop to the gardens and a ready status for Sunday’s pool party! The outdoor pools are almost joined with the sea, offering a unique image for you to enjoy, while sunbathing.

Salsa Spring Dance Prod.

The purpose of our club is:

The spreading of the musical and dance culture and tradition of Latin American countries

The cultivation of friendships, collaborations and solidarity among its members and among everyone who enjoys the music and dances of Latin America

The education of its members on the topics of music and dance of Latin American countries

More info: https://salsaspring.gr/