Eiffel Tower Kizomba Festival

Eiffel Tower Kizomba Festival

This festival is a new kind of social & powerful Kizomba Festival.

This is the best kizomba festival in Paris with very good atmosphere in the heart of Paris.

The first edition was incredible, amazing because this is only one festival in the world which propose intensive workshops + coaching to learn and improve more for beginner & intermediate.

The second edition will be more huge and better. We will improve all dancers feedback and bring many animations and workshops your never seen in Kizomba festival.

Kizomba vacation festival

Paris – Eiffel Tower

All level accepted

This event is more than a festival. It’s an opportunity to visit Paris, stay to Eiffel Tower and enjoy kizomba, Semba, Urban during 1 week with many kizomba open air and an Incredible festival to Eiffel Tower with the best dancers in the world.

Many Kizomba festivals exist especially in Paris but this one is different because the atmosphere is good and this event is more than a festival because people come to visit Paris and dance kizomba. 

1 travel 2 goals: visit Paris and dance kizomba. To 16th from 19th of August 2019.

For this second edition, we will propose more open air before the festival and during the festival to Park de la Villette and some secret place. You will enjoy more open-air and of course a great Kizomba festival to Eiffel Tower.

This festival is for all level: never dance to advanced.

We work to propose you the best concept in Paris with:




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