How music can help people who suffer from depression and anxiety

How music can help people who suffer from depression and anxiety

For obvious reasons, Christmas this year will be unlike any we have ever known in previous years due to the sanitary circumstances that we have been living through around the world. This has given rise to an increase in the number of people who suffer from depression or anxiety, which are states that tend to be further enhanced during the winter festivities. There exist plenty of treatments and other things needed to relieve mental stress and emotional anguish, but there are not few who have found comfort in music and dancing.

Yes, we already know what many people say. Who wants to dance with symptoms of depression or anxiety? Okay, well, absolutely everyone who are living in difficult circumstances should take note of this suggestion for so many reasons.


Is this a hard time in your life? Dancing is the answer!


It is increasing common to see people we know plunged into the deepest sadness for whatever reason that are unable or unwilling to get professional help. We all have had those infamous moments where we would like the earth to open up at our feet and to swallow us in, but we are always searching for ways to back up under such circumstances.

A good way of doing this is to dance, which helps to disconnect us of what brings us pain almost immediately.

It is scientifically proven that dancing helps reduce stress levels, as this activity is a means of individual expression that stimulates the production of endorphins and contributes to the regulation of dopamine and serotonin levels. This whole thing has got us forgetting for a while about all our problems and putting an end to those gloomy feelings that do not allow us to live life to the fullest.

Additionally, we already know that dance raises the levels of energy to Heaven. When we are feeling down and low, we merely wished to get in bed and just lay down all day long, but dancing improves the performance of the body and puts us in a good mood. After having shaken a tail feather a little bit, we will have the strength to face what we got coming.


Why do we recommend the gener of salsa to relieve depression and its symptoms?


In the particular case of salsa, we can say that it is one of, if not the best to dance when we go through hard times.

Besides encouraging greater interaction with others, we begin to experience a sense of belonging in a group, which strengthens our confidence and makes us feel comfortable and completely accepted.

In addition to that, the cheerry rhythms and joyful sounds of salsa help us to lose ourselves in music and feel much better than a few minutes ago. And last but not least, a good salsa session always makes us feel relaxed and light as if we had taken a great weight off our mind. This helps us not to not feel ashamed to show ourselves in front of the others and to put stage fright behind us.

Just so you know. Say goodbye to sadness and shame forever with a good salsa song.