Mala Maña Salsa Orchestra from Milan, Italy

The group Mala Maña makes its debut with the single Sin Nosotros

Created in 2018 in Milan, Italy, by percussionist Francesco Mascaretti, the group Mala Maña makes its debut with the single Sin Nosotros.

This number is the opening of the first album that the band will present next year.

Mascaretti (Taranto Puglia) invites musicians who move between jazz and salsa.

Together we also find the pianist Andrea Giubilei, the Peruvian singer Anthony Curay Preciado, the Dominican bongosero Edwin Della Torre, the bassist Andrea Stucchi and the trombonist Vito Scavo.

The virtuoso trumpet player of La Maxima 79, Samuele Davì, as well as conguero Samoel Scotton are invited to this debut.

The Italian compilation iLatin saw the potential of such a gem and included it in its recently released volume 3.

Sin Nosotros presents a phenomenal orchestration. Old fashioned salsa, with New York as its flag with the fresh sound of the Europeans.

A solo by Vito Scavo on the trombone and another one by Mascaretti himself on the timbales sets the bar high.

The cuts of the theme are aggressive and invite the dancer to the floor, and who does not stop does not understand the rhythm.

And to finish off this tremendous cocktail, the brilliant Fabrizio Zoro (la Maxima 79) was involved in the mastering and final mix.

Deste Italy steps of big animal are listened, Mala Maña Salsa Orchestra is an ensemble to bear in mind, its music is clear and forceful art.

From now on we will be attentive to the Italians who achieve with us a tremendous battering that will put on fire tracks from here to Berlin.