5th Rumba y Manana Afro-Cuban Festival in Cracow

Rumba y Manana in Cracow
Rumba y Manana is a vibrant world of Afro-Cuban stories and legends coming alive in music and dance.

Rumba y Manana was born out of a pure passion for Cuban rumba and afro along with all they bring: roots, tradition, wealth of rhythms and movements, unlimited possibilities of interpretation, all the wide range of emotions and utility in the modern Cuban music and dance as well as all the amazing joy they bring.

  • We intend to create a place to develop and deepen your skills and knowledge of these dances, as we believe there is a true strength hidden in them.
  • We want them to become more and more popular, as they fully deserve it.
  • We want to share the joy and happiness of dancing them.

We have also created another event to popularize rumba and Afro-Cuban dances: Sabado de la Rumba – a younger sister of Rumba y Manana. Sabado de la Rumba is a projector meeting with live music concerts and free-dancing accompanied by a few workshops. We’ve hosted two editions of them in Cracow, where we always invite.

  • 3 workshop rooms, two of them with live music!
  • 4 levels of teaching: beginners, open, advanced, masterclass
  • One workshop room dedicated to Salsa
  • 3 salsa Cubana parties with the best DJ!
  • Live Concert & Orisha show

Tickets & Programm: http://rumbaymanana.pl/