More than 60 personalities and artists come together in the Parada Virtual Puertorriqueña


The fervor and love for Puerto Rico have overflowed in the convocation of the first Parada Virtual Puertorriqueña with the intention of not interrupting a 62-year-old tradition of the great party that It is celebrated in New York City.

Dedicated to the great Tito Puente a large number of personalities of the stature of Hollywood actors Edward James Olmos, who released a phrase that will last for history, when saying present “I was not born in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico was born in me”.

Olmos was also joined by the popular and versatile actor Luis Guzmán, Rodrigo Massa, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Luis Ramos from the Power series and Delilah Cotto from Empire and Hulk, as well as the Major League player, Puerto Rican Yadier Molina who will present. his daughter Ari D and the directors José Javi Ferrer and Virginia Romero, the popular Super Yadira, Vanessa de Roide, the Top Model Monique Alexandra and many more.

This year three kings said yes to their people, the Queen of Reggaetón Ivy Queen, also who started the urban movement La Leyenda Vico C and the King of Hearts, Manny Manuel.

Also present at this important event are the group MDO, artists Baby Rasta and Gringo, Melina León, Tito Nieves, Daniela Droz, Giselle, Víctor Santiago, Javyy L’amour, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Lalo Rodríguez, The Martínez Brothers, Tito Puente Jr., Tito Rojas, Julio Sanabria, Luis Damon, Hip Hop Jibarito, Grizelle “La Chichi” del Valle, DJ NEGRO, DJ Playero and Michael Stuart.

Among the international invited artists are from Argentina Soleil, from the Dominican Republic Toño Rosario, Fulanito, Yolanda Duke and Proyecto Uno, from Venezuela the Institution of Salsa, Adolescents and from Cuba Ms. Dayana.

Darma Diaz, New York City Councilor for District 37, said she was pleasantly surprised by the response from artists, media and the general public, “which represents yet another demonstration of what the Boricua Pride is and how capable we are of stand up in the face of adversity. ”

The Parada Virtual Puertorriqueña will be broadcast through the Vivalivetv application on channel 1 “it will be totally free as a way to globalize this project and that wherever there is a Puerto Rican in the world or a Latino, he can enjoy this party,” said Jhon Sepúlveda vice president of operations of Vivalivetv.

The artistic production of this event is in charge of the Miami Talents company and the editing and post-production by the three-time winner of the Sovereign Prize in the Dominican Republic, Hugo Oscar Chávez Baldera.

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