6th Latin Dance Festival Mambo No. 5 (Guangzhou, China)

6th Latin Dance Festival Mambo No. 5 (Guangzhou, China)

This would be the 6th festival to take place and this time it will be in Guangzhou, China

The theme this year is Mambo No. 5, a mambo and jive dance originally recorded and composed by the Cuban, Dámaso Pérez Prado, in 1949. In the 50’s, different publications began surfacing about this “mambo revolution” in the dance and music business, all over the world. Soon, mambo took over the Palladium Ballroom, in Broadway, New York and shortly after, was proclaimed the “temple of mambo”.

On April 29th, you can relive the 50s, in a social dance party. You may come dressed up like any of those famous mambo dancers at the time, such as Augie and Margo Rodriguez or Mambo Aces. The dress code for the evening will be black-tie; gentlemen, please wear suits or waistcoats and tie or bowtie and ladies, make sure to look fabulous. The idea is to cherish the good old times. The after party will be a blast with DJs playing classical Mambo pieces and a little Kizomba and bachata.

On April 30th, dress to impress at the All-White party; so, ladies and gentlemen, dress to flaunt your classic all-white look.

On May 1st, Alex&Desiree’s Boogaloo boot camp will be showcased, so dress to make an impact. Boogaloo is a genre of Latin music and dance, very popular in the USA, back in the 60s; it originated in NYC among Puerto Ricans. Boogaloo is a fusion of African American rhythm, R&B and soul music, blended with mambo, son montuno, guaracha and guajira.

And finally, on the same night of May 1st, the “Let’s Boogaloo” farewell party will steal the scene, until the sun rises again. It will be crazy fun, so don’t miss it! The dress code this night will be prints, cropped tops, flare trousers, jumpsuits and high waists for the ladies; and, high waist, print shirts, wide belts, plaid vests and suits, for the gentlemen; the big bouffant wigs and sun glasses will be on the house!

During this amazing weekend, there will also be workshops and shows

Here are some of the artists performing during this Latin style experience:


Juan MatosJuan Matos

Will have 4 workshops and 2 shows. Juan is also known as Mr. Pachanga, he is originally from Santo Domingo and currently living in New York. He is famous for his “street style” of Mambo.

Darlin Garcia Darlin Garcia

Will have 4 workshops and 2 shows. Darlin is originally from the Dominican Republic and is founder and artistic director of Art In Motion Latin Dancers. He has obtained recognition as one of the top male salsa dancers in Philadelphia, USA. He is the 2013 World Latin Dance Cup Bachata Champion, and holds the 1st place (two years in a row) at the Philadelphia SalsaFest, among other accomplishments.

Liz BecerraLiz Becerra

Will have 4 workshops and 2 shows. Liz is the Marketing Manager of Art in Motion Dance Academy and specializes in Salsa, Ladies Styling Hustle, Pachanga and Dominican Style Bachata. She currently holds 2 World Championship titles and has over 16 years of experience.

Alex MorelAlex Morel 

Will have 2 workshops and 2 shows. Alex, the man with the killer moves, is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and he is known for his swing on the dance floor and his own touch of Traditional-style Bachata. He will be leading the Boogaloo Boot camp, along with Desiree.

Desiree Godsell Desiree Godsell 

Will have 2 workshops and 2 shows. She specializes in salsa on2, Dominican Style Bachata and loves to include her classical knowledge into her teachings. She will be leading the Boogaloo Boot camp, along with Alex.

Korke & Judith Korke & Judith

Will have 4 workshops and 1 show. Originally from Spain, these two are the creators of “Bachata Sensual” with over 13 years of experience.

Venue: Guangzhou, China