About Us



I want to say welcome and thank you for signing up to receive the monthly publication, International Salsa Magazine. Printing has gone through a lot of changes since Johannes Gutenberg first invented the printing press.We believe that digital printing is the wave of the future and we are proud to be riding that futuristic wave. It is so convenient for everyone to get a magazine to you without any delay and at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

We try to print articles that may be of interest to musicians, dancers, promoters, and establishments that host Latin music events. We publish articles sent to us by our readers, and correspondents in both English and Spanish. We actively accept correspondents throughout the world. Our correspondents are the link to all the other members about what is happening in their respective areas. At times correspondents attend events and interview artists performing in their areas. They also tell us the hot spots for people to go dancing and special concerts.

The magazine also tries to inform on all webpages about salsa. We do not feel that others are our competition, but that they are our brothers in this effort to keep our art alive. There are also a great deal of free music available on line and we try to tell our readers about those stations.

This magazine is different from a webpage, because since it is a monthly publication, you know that what you are reading is current events in the salsa world. We hope to make everyone associated with us proud to be a part of International Salsa Magazine. Ana Rosa Massieu, Adriana Saez, Daniela Frias, Karina Bernales, Maria Ferrara, Thisby Ferrara, Valentina Diaslara, Vicky Ferrara, Agustin Bernales, Augusto Felibertt, José Peréz  and Neicker Acurero, all work very hard every month to make this magazine available to you. We hope to get your emails and feed back about how we can improve, bands you know about, if they recorded a CD and want to be reviewed, or if there is an event, or place that you want to tell us about. Let us know and we will be happy to share this information with all our other Salseros.Yours truly,

Eduardo Guilarte – Editor