About Us




Welcome and thank you for signing up to receive International Salsa Magazine’s monthly issue. Printing has gone through a lot of changes since Johannes Gutenberg first invented the printing press. We believe that digital printing is the wave of the future and we are proud to be riding that futuristic wave. It is so convenient for everyone to receive a magazine without any delay and at a fraction of what it would normally cost, if not for free.

We try to print articles that may be of interest to musicians, dancers, promoters, and establishments that host Latin music events. We publish articles sent to us by our readers and correspondents throughout the world, both in English and Spanish. We actively accept correspondents throughout the world; these collaborators link us to the information about what is going on in their area; they attend events and interview the artists performing, they find out and tell us about the hot spots to go dancing and enjoy some good music in the area, and so much more.

We are not looking to compete, but to work together in this effort to keep our art alive.

This magazine is different from the rest because we are looking to spread the good word about the art of Salsa and Latin music through a monthly issue; drafted for our readers with love and dedication from our Promoters to make this magazine available each month.

We welcome your constructive criticism and feedback about ways to improve; also, feel free to share with us about bands, venues, dance schools and all kinds of events that you may know about; we will happily share the information with other Salseros around world.

Lots of good can come from selflessly sharing other’s success. Let’s grow together! Thank you for reading Us!

Yours truly

Eduardo Guilarte