Amore Dance

Amore Dance

Provide quality teaching at affordable prices, allowing anyone that has a love for movement, dance and fitness to partake, ensure that clients have fun while promoting good health. Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable benefits are only some of the proven benefits of a fun dance and fitness program. And serve as a source of quality dance instruction, fitness instruction and performances are the mission in AMORE DANCE.

Tony & Jessica Witt, owners of Amoré Dance, are both ZUMBA® International Presenters and ZUMBA Education Specialists. They are 2 of the original 13 that helped introduce ZUMBA to the world as ZUMBA went global. Tony & Jessica Witt are a certified ACE/AFAA instructors / presenters & Zumba Education Specialist, based in Kansas. They are also professional dancers trained in International Latin and Standard Ballroom, Salsa & Swing. In 2004, Jessica & Tony’s passions for Latin Ballroom dancing and for Zumba leadComm them to open their very own dance studio, Amore Dance.

Amore Dance

Tony and Jessica have been featured in the commercial zumba videos, created choreography for zumba training videos, helped write & develop zumba programs: Zumba Basic 1, Zumba Basic 2, Aqua Zumba and Zumba Kids, and education materials, launched the zumba program in Taiwan, China, Japan and Canada. They have been featured in Zumba Conventions 2008-2013 and currently teach and perform at worldwide dance and fitness conventions including, Idea Fitness, Chicago Salsa Congress, New York Salsa Congress, SCW Fitness, Can Fit Pro, DCAC, AFAA Japan Conventions, AFAA Taiwan Conventions, and much more.

With all this experience, Tony & Jessica have established Amore Dance, the dance academy able to provide and teach the best of ZUMBA and all its exciting movements.

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Location: Olathe (Kansas) 66213 United States