Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival

Amsterdam Zouk Festival

Every nation starts with education, information and understanding! Brazilian Zouk it’s a rich dance rhythm that is very passionate and engaging.

Its base is strong in its roots because it has a very strong cultural heritage. But unfortunately, is getting lost, away from your original identity because of the lack of information, and understanding of the knowledge of the Brazilian culture.

Our mission is to rescue the Brazilian zouk culture, bringing people together to have fun and education, in 6 days of workshops, parties, educational lectures about the Brazilian zouk culture, professional qualification courses, jack&jill competition, lots of dancing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Welcome to the Event of your Dreams

Where Music and Dance Meet for Real
Because We Love More When We Know Better

All the information about the AZZF 2019 you can find at


PREMIUM full-pass €250
( 21st-26th August 2019)

Artists in Amsterdam Zouk Festival