Anya Katsevman: “You have the dream, I have the tools”

When we refer to Anya Katsevman, the first word that comes to mind is: passion! And that is the only way we could explain that a woman has so much strength and dedication.

Anya is not only a dancer and choreographer, but also a motivational coach and dream builder. In addition, it has its own line of dance dresses and costumes. An unstoppable woman!

A native of Kiev, Ukraine, Anya and her family immigrated to the United States when she was 8 years old. She is the younger sister of award-winning Latin dancer Eugene Katsevman. She lives in New York.

She also holds numerous titles in salsa. Among them, she is a two-time World Champion as well as the San Francisco International Salsa Congress and New York Salsa Congress Champion.

Anya Katsevman is a maker of champions

This is precisely the distinctive mark of Anya, that ability to make each artist discover in himself his potential to succeed.

Anya believes that “the art of dance requires much physical ability, exposure and practice. The art of dance is also developing your own voice and getting to know the artist behind the athlete that makes the dancer”

A wonderful career

“Queen of Salsa” Anya Katsevman is a two-time World Salsa Champion, coach and choreographer to more than a dozen world champions, noted costume designer, respected salsa congress circuit judge and advocate for international Latin dance who has transformed the sport during her more than 25-year career.

Renowned for her unique coaching methods, Anya’s style blends multiple cultures and dance forms: her eastern European upbringing and the appreciation for Latin dance culture that she developed in the United States; and her ballroom and salsa backgrounds. She demands rigor, discipline and excellence, and uses her understanding of anatomy, physiology and movement while encouraging freedom of expression to turn her students into the top dancers in the world.

Anya trains and choreographs for “Dancing with the Stars Costa Rica” principal dancer Lucia Jimenez (2020 World Bachata, Chacha and Salsa Champion), “America’s Got Talent” stars Harold Rancano and Regan Hirose (9-time World Bachata Champions), the Huracan Dance Company (2019 World Team Salsa Champions), the stars of Quebec’s 
Revolucion Adriano Leropoli and Samantha Scali (2017 World Salsa Champions), principal dancers in Carmen to Havana and Back Isabelle Freiberger and Hunter Houde and the USA World Games Olympic salsa team.

Always successful and sharing her knowledge 

As a competitor and performer, Anya has won more than 20 world titles including the 2009 and 2010 Salsa World Championships. She is also the 2008 North American Salsa Champion, a two-time San Francisco Open Salsa Champion, two-time New York Congress Salsa Champion, Puerto Rico Open Salsa Champion and La Classique Du Quebec Champion. Anya has starred in touring shows “Burn the Floor ” on Broadway and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars, in addition to numerous other television productions, stage shows, movies, and showcases in the U.S. She has performed with El Gran Combo, Gilberto Santa Rosa and “The Mambo King” Eddie Torres, and for President Barack Obama.

She is an ambassador for salsa, helping to expand its popularity worldwide. Believes connection is one of the most important aspects of the human experience, and dance is the best medium to explore how we connect with each other and ourselves. And has expanded her dance instruction to include GoDeeper, which she co-founded in 2019 to provide monthly movement classes, individual coaching sessions, and group workshops to promote professional growth and self discovery.

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