Azúcar Latin Dance Company

Azúcar Latin Dance Company

Ottawa’s premiere dance school specializing in Latin, Street and Afro-Caribbean dances. Their mission is to bring the energy, passion and joy of dance to Ottawa and get you dancing to the music in your heart.

Teachers expert and friendly instruction will get you dance floor-ready in record time, and the group outings and social events will introduce you to the amazing Ottawa dance community!

They take inspiration from the original Queen of salsa,  Celia Cruz. She is famous for her sunny disposition, her warmth and passion, as well as her trademark of shouting “Azúcar!” (“sugar” in Spanish) in her songs. They are inspired by her positive attitude towards life and her desire to share the joy of dance and music with as many people as possible.


JEFF HUANG JEFF HUANG | Director is passionate about music and dances. He started dancing Latin street dances (salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha cha) in 2005 and has not stopped since – learning from many wonderful and talented instructors across Canada as well as across the globe. This has made Jeff a well rounded teacher with an eye for detail, while his easy going attitude makes everybody feels welcome at the studio. Jeff is extremely dedicated to his students, believing that they are the true heart of the company. He hopes to create a loving community where everyone can learn and laugh together, and share their love of dance.


ANA GHERASIM ANA GHERASIM | Director Ana is definitive proof that anyone can learn to dance. Discouraged from pursuing dance from a young age, she grew up convinced that she had two left feet. Thanks to Jeff’s infinite patience, she took up salsa in 2008 and is now one of our most enthusiastic teachers.

While Jeff is the (clave tempo-ed) heart of Azúcar!, Ana is its brain, also dealing with the less artistic aspects of school management and administration. When she’s not teaching or running the studio, you’ll find her in most of our classes, lending a hand as well as honing her own style.


Salsa Level 1 Instructors: Ana & Brian, Jeff & Ashvini

Salsa Level 1 Instructors: Ana & Brian, Jeff & AshviniTake your first salsa steps! Discover the salsa rhythm, basic steps, left and right turns, cross-body leads, inside traveling turns, and simple combinations. You will also learn partnering technique and simple footwork to spice up your dancing! No partners needed!

Salsa Level 2 Instructors: Ana & Jeff

Salsa Level 2 InstructorsGo beyond the basics! Each 7-week session we introduce a combination of footwork and partnering moves based on common salsa patterns, including double-hand turns, hammerlock holds, wraps, traveling turn variations and more. We also introduce spin technique and body isolation exercises at this level. No partners needed!

Salsa Level 3 Instructors: Ana & Jeff

Once you have mastered ALL the moves we teach in Salsa Level 2, explore the endless combinations salsa has to offer while honing your technique and style. In this class we introduce more complex concepts (such as copas, 360s, multiple spins) and create new footwork and partnering combinations that will make you the star of the dance floor. No partners needed!

Salsa Shines Choreography Instructor: Ashvini

AshviniEver feel like you’re not sure what to do when it comes to salsa shines? This class introduces and breaks down shines footwork, technique and styling through learning a piece of shines choreography. It’s perfect for those who would like to improve their shines repertoire and feel more confident on the social floor! As an added bonus – if you’ve ever been interested in exploring salsa performance, this is a great taster for what it’s like to learn and perfect a piece of choreography, without the pressure to actually perform (unless you really want to!). Open to all levels and genders.

Bachata Level 1 Instructors: Ana & Brian

Take your first Bachata steps! Our Level 1 course introduces you to the bachata rhythm, basic steps, turns and promenades that are the core of this fun and intimate dance, as well as basic styling elements to add sizzle to your dancing! Get dance floor-ready in 7 weeks! No partners needed!

Bachata Level 2 Instructors: Ana & Jeff

Once you are comfortable with the beginner moves covered in Bachata Level 1, this class takes it up a notch and introduces more complex moves. Mix things up with outside turns, cuddles and hammerlocks, fancy footwork, sensual body isolations and lots of turn patterns and combinations to take straight to the dance floor. No partners needed!

Bachata Level 3 Instructors: Ana & Jeff

Take your bachata to new heights! Once you have mastered Bachata Level 2, join this intermediate-level class. Learn how to get comfortable with your partner, develop great bachata leading and following technique, and make your dancing stand out from the crowd! No partners needed!

Salsaton Instructor: Emilie

Heels Instructor: EmilieSpice it up with Salsa & Reggaeton! This class is about adding spice to how you dance, whether you dance as your workout, to build up your confidence on the dance floor or just to have fun! Emilie will be giving lots of options for everyone to feel comfortable.

Dancehall Funk Instructor: Emilie

Dancehall is a Jamaican dance that includes elements of Reggae, African, Hip Hop, House and Latin. It’s all about confidence, creativity, expression, attitude, and FUN. Come learn a combination of hot moves and an energetic routine full of street smart choreography, dancing to the hottest music. Get ready for an energetic and challenging class!

Heels Instructor: Emilie

Strut your stuff! Celebrate creativity, individuality, uniqueness and fierceness! Dance styles such as Vogue, Sass and Jazz to get you moving to great music in heels. Learn a sexy routine and find new confidence on and off the dance floor! You won’t want to miss this class with Emilie!

Afro-Beats Level 1 Instructor: Natalie

Samba Instructor: NatalieLearn the basics of African dance and movement, groove to great music, and get your sweat on with fun choreography! We’ll explore styles such as Azonto, Coupé Decalé, Afro House, and Dancehall. You will sweat and laugh, make new friends and improve your stamina as you learn fun combinations, technique and routines. Personal expression is encouraged!

Samba Instructor: Natalie

Join the carnival vibe! Experience the pulsating rhythms and energetic moves of Samba. Learn exhilarating dance combinations and routines as we travel across the floor and venture into some of the liveliest dances of Brazilian culture. This exciting class is certain to empower, energize, lift your spirits….and your booty too!

Sunday Workshop Series

Come explore a different dance, or aspect of dancing, the first and third Sunday of each month!

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