Bachata and kizomba nights with Lucas Cico

Bachata and kizomba nights with Lucas Cico

Each day more Europeans are looking for rhythms different than what they are used for the purpose of learning to dance and having a nice time with friends. Among the many musical genres that nave become popular in recent years, we must highlight bachata and kizomba, which are present in many musical events held across the continent.

In the case of France, we may notice a huge number of festivals in which we are going to find many Latin and African artists and genres that have been taking over entertainment in this part of the world. Which is why reference must be made to the very promising project undertaken by the choreographer Lucas Cico, who will offer very productive classes focused on learning how to dance kizomba and bachata. These classes will be given at the ASML (Amicale Sportive de Montesson La Borde) in Paris, France.

It is expected that Cico will teach classes in both musical genres on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

– On Tuesday night:

7:30 pm Kizomba for starters

8:30 pm Bachata for starters

9:30 pm Kizomba intermediate level

– On Thursday night:

8:30 pm Bachata Intermediate level

9:30 pm Kizomba / UrbanKiz Choreographic Workshop


For more information, visit the Video Paris Kizomba’s Facebook page.