The festival above all else seeks to enlighten you of the culture of Angola – the birthplace of the KIZOMBA – The team believe that, by broadening your knowledge of the cultural roots of the dance, it will make for a better understanding of the basic principle of KIZOMBA, the dance and the music that will set all participants on the right footing for SEMBA, the dance.

Balumuka celebrates and reflects colorful diversity, heritage, and spirit of African tradition and culture here in the city of Prague, where fashion and kizomba dance complements one another. Balumuka proudly presents fashion show with new and talented fashion designer Stella Atal (Uganda).

To be a good dancer is important to understand the music which we are dancing on.
This workshop is designed for everyone who would like to understand the basic concepts of mixing and knowledge of Dj program and technics.

This year for the first time Prague Kizomba Festival will inaugurate with African movies screening. This way we will have an opportunity to show more of Angolan and African culture. On Saturday afternoon we invite you to watch best african movies and get to know more about African culture and everyday life from most talented and recognized directors and actors.

Let us summarize:
– African Fashion Shows
– Dj and Musicality workshops
– Master Classes
– Tourism Program
– Art Installation & Backyard Parties

More info:
Phone: +420 776 865 359
Facebook: Balumuka Events