Barcelona Dance Award 2019

Barcelona Dance Award

Award Europe SRL is a Cultural Organisation which works in Europe from 1998 to plan Dance Events involving more than 1500 dancers every year. The dancers involved right now, during all these years, are in total about 29000. Dance and theatre are the keywords in the wonderful experience of all these years and the guideline for the future will be always the incredible opportunity to compete in the largest dance events in the World within teachers, choreographers, dancers and dance lovers from all over the World!

What is the “Barcelona Dance Award 2019”?

The event in which you will participate is Barcelona Dance Award 2019, a competition that has established itself as the largest and most important amateur dancing event in Europe, divided into different categories which award the best groups, talents, choreographers and teachers. The commission of international experts, critics and representatives from the prestigious Dance Companies will judge the School and Dance Dep. participants. Such an initiative will encourage cultural growth through dance as a universal language and will especially serve to stimulate friendship, solidarity, respect and mutual understanding. Our organisation plans these theatrical events guaranteeing top service, professional management, and proven experience. It will be our responsibility to work with you from the moment you confirm your participation.

Why Participate?

Our organisation, with offices in Italy and Spain, has worked to prepare the “Barcelona Dance Award 2019” dedicated to dance in all of its expressions, reserved for Schools of Dance, and Institutes. Everyone can participate in this event, our office in Spain has organised your stay with an attractive program so that, you can dance in the Capital of the “Millenium” European Culture and beyond performing in various theatres, you have the opportunity to visit the splendour of Barcelona and Costa Brava.

What About Last Edition?

Here some data regarding the last edition of the Event, in 2018:

29 dance groups participants

4 Continents and 15 different Countries represented

190 dance choreographies in Competition

14 hours of Dance Competition in

3 Evening Shows

600 dancers and dance lovers participants

2 different Theatres

4 Days of Theatrical Adventure

15 different languages

For a unique great love for dance, theatre and culture in Catalunya!

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