Bobby Escoto, a percussionist, was born in East Los Angeles

Bobby Escoto

Bobby Escoto

Bobby Escoto, a percussionist, was born in East Los Angeles, from Mexican & Puerto Rican descent. Bobby Escoto III is the nephew to the great vocalist Bobby Escoto, who performed and recorded, with the great percussionist, Tito Puente.

Bobby Escoto III has been playing music, since the age of eight. Today, Bobby is considered one of the most prominent percussionists in the salsa genre, here in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Bobby has performed with many salsa icons in Los Angeles, New York, Europe, and Asia.  Such as Celia Cruz, La India, Jose Alberto “El Canario,”Lalo Rodriguez, Domingo Quinonez, Menique, Camilo Azuquita, Yolanda Rivera, “Fania All Star” violinist Pupi Legarreta,    trombonist Jimmy Bosh, and legendary vocalist Tito Allen who performed and recorded, with the legendary ‘conguero’, Ray Barretto.

Bobby also takes pride in performing and directing his band to back up Frankie Vasquez, Herman Olivera, Pupy Cantor, Jorge Maldonado, and  Hector Tempo Alomar, vocalists to his favorite band, from NYC, Conjunto Libre.

Conjunto AfroSon
Bobby Escoto

Bobby is the band leader, director and bongo player to his band, Conjunto Afro Son. They have performed at prominent salsa venues, as a back-up band, to salsa icons, due to their extensive educational background, training, and authenticity.

Bobby is also the band director and bongo player to The Granada All-Star Orchestra and The Salsa Divas (an all-female Orchestra) in the city of Alhambra, CA

Bobby’s goal is to increase awareness of the new generation, about the Afro Cuban and Puerto Rican music. Every Saturday you will find Bobby teaching percussion to underprivileged children in East Los Angeles. Bobby states: “it hasn’t been easy growing up in the streets of East Los Angeles, but my vision as a kid was to perform with great salsa icons.”

Bobby believes that dreams do come true if you put your heart and effort into your talent.  No doubt, Bobby’s talent, passion for his art, leadership, and vision have no barriers.

Bobby Escoto in Percusión.

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