Carlos Emilio Landaeta “Pan con Queso” Founder of the Sonero Clásico del Caribe

Carlos Emilio Landaeta

“Percussionists Cycle at ISM” Carlos Emilio Landaeta “Bread and Cheese” (1920-1991, Venezuela)

In 1933 he heard live Miguel Matamoros’ band visiting Venezuela, which marked him forever.

At the age of fourteen he began to take an interest in Cuban son and by eighteen he was singing in a trio. At the Democrático bar he got the nickname of bread with cheese, from a trumpet player, because Carlos ate that while the others drank alcoholic beverages.

His professional debut was as a maraquero in Luis Alfonzo Larraín’s orchestra in 1947. Later he played in the trio Siboney, la Sonora Caracas, Billo’s Caracas Boys.

Carlos Emilio Landaeta "Pan con Queso" Founder of the Sonero Clásico del Caribe

In 1955, he made his first contribution to Latin music and invented the leather maracas. He plays with Pedro J. Belisario, Alberto Muñoz Luis Alfonso Larraín, Los Magatones de Lucho, Los Dementes de Ray Pérez orchestra.

At the same time, he dedicated himself to the manufacture of instruments, making his second contribution to music by creating the keys and his 5-key bongo.

In 1975 he formed Pan con Queso y su Guaguancó. In 1976 in the heat of commercial success of the “Salsa” a concert is organized in the Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela to illustrate the cycle of conferences “Son Montuno and Guaguancó” that demonstrated that the son was the base of the salsa and the Caribbean rhythms.

Carlos turned to musicians who had learned Son in its most genuine form and formed a Cuban-style sextet in the 1920s: The Classic Caribbean Sonero. The sextet was the guest of honor at the 1982 Son Festival in Cuba.