China Kizomba Congress 2019

March 8th to 11th, 2019
The Kizomba Festival in Shanghai is becoming the China Kizomba Congress!

Prepare for the Official greater Asian Competition – Competition Championship Of Urbankiz Asia – Competition Of Lady Tarraxha

Contact for obtain the rules: [email protected]

Prize Medal:
Bronze Gold Silver

Dance shoes, Dance clothes, Sponsors of the Festival pass present.

Special Lady Concept: We also think of you! Special Workshops for ladies: style for lady Sensuality touch Body control Twerk Be – Female display Makeup Dance shoes Fashion dress. – Dress for hair only 50.

Special advance booking price to book 3 options:

1) https: soon,

2) or via alipay: a WeChat request, WeChat accounts: aprilmengqiyu, happyfeet2588

3) Paypal: Coming soon – Receive the link PayPal reservation.

Shanghai Kizomba Congress 2019 CKC

All levels from Kizomba, Semba, Ladystyling, Zouk, Afro classes, there is everything only for you! Workshops all day of different levels of Kizomba, Semba, Ladystyling, Zouk, Afro, something for everyone! World class DJ, dance all night, Hundreds of dancers from all over the world, they give you a new experience, they let you jump the addiction! Parties all night! This experience will offer you a new perspective and satisfaction!

Impressive performances by artists, Urban Kiz and the Ladystyling competition, many things to see and do! Dance floor in the outdoor terrace, enjoy the view of the Bund, the sun and the breeze!

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