Dance African music and eat good food in France

When we talk about music festivals focused on African rhythms, France always stays present. One of them is the Vendredi Carte Blanche, which is a great choice for those who love African music and good food.
You will discover a warm atmosphere charged with all these things that an event of this type should have in Paris, France. Here, you will find the best mixture of food, music, and dance unlike any other, which makes this event become a unique opportunity that you should not miss.
It is expected that every Friday there will be an event of this type in the French capital for all people in Paris to find a space free from everyday concerns and full of the most cheerful music you could think of.
Among the genres that will be present at this event, we can highlight kizomba and semba that your day will be wonderful with.


– Room 1: 100% kizomba and semba.
– Room 2: rumba.


– 12 euros: entry + drinking.
– 15 euros: entrance + dish without drinking.
– 20 euros: Afro-Caribbean dish + drinking.


– DJ Lemzo


RIZ DJONDJON, 291 rue saint Denis 75002 Paris


October 30, 2020