Dance kizomba at the Sociale Kizomba Gratuite in September

kizomba, Africa, Europe, France, zouk, cabo love, urbankiz, sembra

Kizomba was a musical genre from African origins that has given much to speak in the last few years in Europe, especially in France. This popularity has been the reason why many artists and event organizers linked to this rhythm have begun to create events in which they can squander their talents.

A great example of this is the Sociale Kizomba Gratuite, which is based not only on the aforementioned genre, but also attendees can enjoy a bit of zouk, cabo love, sembra, urbankiz, among others.



– Dj PG

– Dj Moment



167 Boulevard Mortier, 75020 Paris, France

Dates: between September 5 and 7