Dance Papi

Dance Papi

Dance Papi is the best place on the web to learn salsa, Cuban salsa, conga drums and hand percussion online for free

Ariel Ceja | Founder

Ariel Ceja Ariel Ceja founded Dance Papi after becoming frustrated by the lack of online dance resources. Dance Papi aims to fill this void by becoming the best place on the web to learn social dances and Latin percussion by featuring instructive videos.

Prior to launching Dance Papi, Ariel studied film at Occidental College, worked as general manager for Ceja Vineyards and opened Bistro Sabor, a small eatery in Napa that served contemporary expressions of Latin America’s favorite street food and snacks. He currently attempts to go out social dancing two to three times per week, is obsessed with the band Punch Brothers, sometimes posts cooking videos on salud! napa, enjoys sipping all styles of Pinot Noir and relishes a good hug so give him one if you see him.

 Nicole Lazo | Salsa On1 Instructor

Nicole Lazo Nicole Lazo is one of Sacramento’s top salsa instructors. She is an elegant and graceful dancer who is known for her unique, sexy styling and body movement on and off the dance floor, and a true love for teaching. In addition, her humble attitude and approachable personality make her popular amongst the Sacramento dance community today. She has an ability to effortlessly follow any lead and break down complicated patterns and moves into simple steps anyone can learn.

Nicole Lazo fell in love with salsa dancing sight unseen. Even before her very first lesson began she bought tights (which she quickly learned she did not need) and dance shoes (a half size too large because no one told her ladies’ shoes should be bought in a smaller size). Throughout her childhood, she took dance classes, as little girls are apt to do, and quickly realized that she would fearlessly dance anywhere, anytime! Ultimately, it was her experience teaching swing dancing in the piazzas of Rome, combined with her innate love of Latin rhythm, that brought her to a local dance studio.

After two vigorous years of training and numerous performances at business parties, fashion shows, restaurants, and salsa clubs, she is now independently teaching and is a pillar in the salsa community. Her vivacious energy and elegance are contagious to all those around her. Having traveled throughout California, Mexico, and El Salvador to be trained in salsa, Nicole still continues to seek opportunities to further broaden and diversify her knowledge of Latin dance.

Nicole brings fresh movement and style straight from her travels right into the dance studio! With a focus on truly dancing to the music, rather than simply learning steps in a sequence, regardless of musicality, Nicole has a unique approach to teaching. She often begins with a variety of footwork and then matches movement to the music in her warm-up. Nicole takes great care in breaking down dance steps and body movement to help students develop strong technique (and “fast feet”!). Nicole teaches both men and women to lead and/or follow.

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