How to dance Salsa keeping social distance?

How to dance salsa with social distancing: the video that goes viral on the social media.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the world to undergo a complete transformation. Without a vaccine in sight and with the disease that does not stop, social distancing, among other measures, is the key to avoiding the spread of contagion. In this context, there are many activities that should have been suspended or transformed. A couple in Spain managed to dance salsa without neglecting the distance and the video caused a furor on social networks.

In this context and after the relaxation of quarantine in different countries, the so-called “new normality” is gradually developing.

Chinstrap, hand washing, shoe disinfection and social distance became part of everyone’s daily life.

In Spain a couple showed that it is possible to dance salsa while keeping distance from each other. They did it on public roads and surprised everyone. Notably, the dancers uploaded the video to Facebook and the images quickly went viral.

By means of some ropes, both were kept “hand in hand” on the streets of Madrid.