DANCE with JOY Studio


Dance With Joy Studios was created to be a positive force in your world by adding joyful moments to your day!

They are a movement art and activity center dedicated to making the world better one smile at a time! Offering daily dance & fitness classes, group and private instruction, dance party socials, workshops and special event rentals!

Their program are designed to support success for students of all levels, in an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere. Offering daily activities that enrich the mind, doby and spirit, we provide a wide variety of educational, cultural and physical activies for students of all ages. We offer excellent instruction in a community of passionate students and professionals who make it their goal to experience greater health and well being, present moment connection and joy, sharing the art of movement and music, fun and friendship.

With a lot a options of dancing, DANCE with JOY Studio offers you…

Staying Healthy and Fit Should be Fun!Staying Healthy and Fit Should be Fun!

Dance with Joy provides many wonderful options for fun fitness for all ages and levels, 7 days a week. Which means you’ll be able to find the fitness call that’s just right for you!

Connect with yourself & others through Dance!

Dance With Joy Studios offers a wide range of fun partner dancing classes for all levels, 7 days a week! From West Coast Swing to East Coast Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Rueda de Casino, Brazilian Zouk, and much more!

From Flamenco Dancing to Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap, they have something for you!

Solo dancing classes for ALL ages and levels abound at Dance With Joy Studios! Whether you’re looking for a fun Hip-Hop, Jazz, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Hula, Tahitian, or Tap class, Dance with Joy Studios has you covered.

Dance With Joy offers a wide spectrum of fun youth classes for students ages 1 to 18 years!

Dance with Joy Studios offers a youth program focused on the joy of movement and dance, community building, kindness, and the development of self-confidence and self-esteem in a supportive, fun environment.  Our youth program is divided into three categories: Tiny Toes, Kids, and Teens.

Private lessons Private Lessons

Private lessons (1 or 2 students with a teacher) are an opportunity for one-on-one coaching from one of our wonderful teachers. Students often learn faster in a private lesson than in a group class with this opportunity for individual attention, learning at their own pace. Teachers make it fun and easy for beginners and advanced dancers alike. Recommended for all dancers, private lessons, when used in conjunction with group classes and practice, can speed up a student’s progress exponentially. Private lessons address and improve the following important areas:

  • Skills of Leading and Following ~ Connection & Communication
  • Technique ~ Footwork, Styling, Spins/Turns, Cuban Motion, Body Isolations
  • Timing & Rhythm ~ Music Education
  • Dance Etiquette ~ Tips for Social Dancing Success!
  • Ways of Learning ~ Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory

7981 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 97202