Dancing in Riverside

Dancing in Riverside

Dancing in Riverside, an incredible dance academy that provides PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS as the quickest and most effective way of learning how to dance. This type of learning is based in dance science and it maximizes the mind/body connection with an emphasis on the student’s personal experiences. GROUP DANCE CLASSES consisting of a group of students that can range in numbers, from 6 students to 20 or more, and one dance instructor. In a typical group class at Dancing in Riverside, they will teach 2 to 4 patterns in whichever style that the class is learning. In addition to learning those individual patterns, also will teach you how to be able to instantly use the patterns in any social setting. We teach a variety of classes such as Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa and much more.

In Dancing in Riverside, you will learn all the benefits of dancing, such as:

Physical Benefits

Lose WeightLose Weight: A recent study that was published in Volume 8 issue #3 of the Journal of Applied Research, suggests that the combination of a proper diet and a regular dance program could be the key to shedding those extra unwanted pounds. The study was conducted by the Department of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in the city of Loma Linda California. The researchers combined a sensible diet with a 1 hour a day dance program, and this is what they found: 5 pounds lost, 3.2 inches lost from the hips and 28.6% increase in the core muscle strength

Healthier Bones

  • Circular System
  • Stronger Muscles
  • Brain Function

Mental Benefits

Mental BenefitsAccording to the New England Journal of Medicine, studies have found that dancing increases cognitive activity, and subsequently decreases the risk of developing dementia. And based on a reading of these results by Stanford University, dancing frequently reduces the risk of dementia by 76% –considerably more than any other activity studied, including reading. The reason for this is that dancing requires you to make split-second, rapid-fire decisions, basically with every step you take. These kind of exercises have been shown to increase and maintain brain function in people of all ages. According to Stanford, In freestyle social dancing, both men and women are spontaneously open to the infinite possibilities of the moment, responding to one’s partner and to the music.

Social Benefits

  • Social Benefits of dancingSocial Benefits of dancing
  • Improved social skills
  • Connecting with community and meeting new people
  • Providing a forum of self-expression

You can learn all of this and much more in Dancing in Riverside

Beside you will learn different dances and type of application such as:

SOCIAL DANCING: Social dancing is designed to develop poise and confidence on the dance floor. Its primary objective is to strengthen the individual’s leading or following ability to the point that no matter who your partner is, you will feel physically and mentally confident. The patterns used are generally suitable for smaller floors and so is the arm styling. Advanced styling is not the primary objective of social dancing.

SHOWCASE DANCING: Showcase dancing is a means of developing one’s ability by spending concentrated time on one or more dances. Preparing a showcase routine is very beneficial for developing confidence, style, pattern knowledge and smoothness. This type of dancing is very stylized and much of the time is spent on footwork, technique and the character of the dance as well as the personality of the dancer. Once the routine is complete, one feels they have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence in a relatively short period of time.

COMPETITIVE DANCING: Competitive dancing combines the skills of both the social dancer and the showcase performer. Like the social dancer, competitors must maneuver, maintain poise and adjust to the various conditions surrounding them while having all of the flare, style, technique and precision of an exhibition dancer.


Location: 1760 Chicago Ave J11/13, Riverside, CA 92507, EE. UU.