Día de San Juan Festival

Latin Music / Dance / Food w/ Andy Montanez y Jean Carlos Centeno



Tito Rojas and José Alberto sing with energy and authenticity, New York style, romantic salsa. Live or recorded, it doesn’t get any better.

If you are a true fan of El Gallo and El Canario, this is the show to be present!

Tito Rojas a.k.a. “El Gallo Salsero” was born and raised in the town of Humacao, Puerto Rico. El Gallo Salsero has over 40 Years of music in concert! Tito will take you for a ride with a special selection of songs from his long hit list, that will bring you back great memorable moments, for a fantastic day of good salsa.

José AlbertoEl Canario” is a Dominican salsa singer celebrates over 39 years in the music industry, and his exceptional whistling abilities (being able to improvise as if he was playing a traverse flute) led them to give him the nickname El Canario (The Canary). El Canario has enjoyed success in the United States and Europe, but especially throughout Latin America, including in his native Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, and Ecuador.

Special Guests*

  • Phil Robinson and Orquesta Sonora Pa Gosa
  • La Charanga Cubana
  • MC Phil Robinson
  • DJ Rumbero and more