EASY TRIBE Salsa Weekend, 10-12 July / St. Petersburg – RUSSIA


EASY TRIBE Salsa Weekend

10-12 July, 2015
St. Petersburg – Russia

If you’re focused on good salsa music, if you like mambo & latin jazz, if you wanna enjoy fantastic summer weekend in St. Petersburg — you’re most welcome to the EASY TRIBE Salsa Weekend 10-12 July!

What is EASY TRIBE Salsa Weekend?

Well, it’s not a congress in general understanding. Organized by two Djs – Dj Baranov & Dj Jane, the event has a different concept. It has no shows & just two workshops.

Instead people are invited you to spend a weekend enjoying exotic, fantastic & romantic summer St.Petersburg. EASY TRIBE features line-up of very peculiar Djs & special creative activities like Lunch on the roof, Photosession on a roof, Latin Jazz Jam Session (live), Dj Jams & percussion.
The focus is plenty of social dancing (on1/on2) to GOOD MUSIC & EASY atmosphere with opportunity to enjoy the city!
Foreign guests are welcome to go for a SPB Full Pass which includes Party Pass & finest selection of the sightseeing in St-Petersburg.

Special thanks to the supporters, friends & EASY DJs: Supermario, Gena & Marina Vanushins, 2Mambo, Dima Ganzevich, Boris Hecha, Feodor Nedotko, Vadim Meshkov, Dj Joker etc.

What is St.Petersburg?

St.Petersburg is indeed a very unique city.
Of course the  White Nights phenomenon it stand apart — cause no other major European city can rival this experience nor the atmosphere on the streets of St. Petersburg during the summer months – lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people throughout the night as well as the day!

Then — the fantastic fusion of epochs which makes palaces of the Empire era stand close to modern boutiques, vintage houses of the beginning of the last century inhabited by bohemian people & some of the artifacts of the soviet period.

And the last, but not the least – are the people. Yes, we know, everybody’s kidding about the “Russian smile” 😉 But, come on, it’s just a first glance. In reality we’re very hospitable, open-minded & open-hearted people 😉

P.S. By the way, nowadays Europeans can feel themselves twice richer than a year ago… Since the exchange rate of euro & dollar to the Russian Ruble has risen up almost double.

By La Clave Spain

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