En el Nombre de Salomé: A Latin playwriting at Repertorio Español

En el Nombre de Salomé: A Latin playwriting at Repertorio Español

En el nombre de Salomé is a playwriting written by Marco Antonio Rodríguez and directed by José Zayas based on the fiction novel In the name of Salomé by Julia Álvarez, a history that presents the life of the patriotic poet and Dominican political activist, Salomé Ureña and her youngest daughter, Camila Salomé Henríquez Ureña. Two ladies that extolled the rights of women in XIX and XX centuries.

Salomé Ureña Díaz was a feminist poet during the most important years of Independence of the Dominican Republic, which became independent from Haiti and then returned to be the Colony of Spain for a time for their protection, hence the famous poem by Ureña “A la Patria” ” Salomé also founded the first university for women in the Caribbean country with the help of her husband, Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal, who years later was president of that nation. By the other hand, Camila Henriquez Ureña was the youngest of her intellectual children, she was a respected educator of Spanish in the United States, lecturer in Latin America, co-founder of one of the main cultural feminist associations in Cuba, obtained a PhD in that Afro-Caribbean country, participated in the restructuring of University of the Havana and ended up teaching in her homeland.

This fascinating novel published in 2000, captivated the attention of the director José Zayas, who decided together with the executive director of the Repertorio Español (Theater Company in Spanish famous in New York) to put it on stage. Both decided that Marco Antonio Rodríguez, a New Yorker with Dominican roots, was the ideal playwright for this adaptation since all his masterpieces have been of total pleasure to the audience. “I was not familiar with Salome; she was a great poet. I knew about her poetry, but I was not very informed about her, and in reality that turned out to be something very positive. It allowed me to undertake the work not as if I were writing about an icon, but in order to find her humanity”, said Rodriguez for an American media.

En el Nombre de Salomé: A Latin playwriting at Repertorio Español

This writer, producer, actor and director of Latin origin modernized the dramatic play venturing elements of humor as the creation of the character “Sylvestre”, who is a naive man, which is not accepted neither in Haiti nor in the Dominican Republic, so in the scenes of conversation with “Camila” speaks in a colloquial regionalist language, which produces in the audience, acceptance, identification and laughter.

Rodriguez explains that his main objective in carrying out this work was to represent the Latino in other facets and not as usual (linked to drug trafficking or other problems), he wanted to change the stereotype of Latin in dramaturgies and films. “I’m sure they are successful … but we have other stories to share, another psychology to explore, and other issues with which our communities identify.”

Zaya and Marcos made a perfect duet for the creative realization of En Nombre de Salomé. Together, they analyzed every detail of the scenes and characters, recreated a part of the Dominican culture and highlighted the Caribbean artistic talent that according to Zaya is still scarce in the theater.

For the author Julia Álvarez, poet, novelist, and American essayist of Dominican descent, it was a pleasant impression to see the dramaturgy in the Repertorio Español. “It is so rewarding when an artist sees that her play has inspired another artist and that through that artist the word spreads and we reach more and more people … It is a way to spread the stories that are important to our history and culture … Especially at times like this, when so many in the Latino community feel harassed, unwanted and undervalued”.

This playwriting, the last October, was awarded with four HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors) Awards, including: Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy and Outstanding Production of the Year.

En Nombre de Salomé next performances:

Friday, December 1st at 8pm. Cost: $17 – $72

Tuesday, December 12th at 11am. Cost: $30

Venue: Repertorio Español. 138 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

To get more information about EN EL NOMBRE DE SALOMÉ, please visit their website http://www.marcoantoniorodriguez.com/