Dax – France.

Tickets: 25 – 90

Toros y Salsa was born in 1995 from the shared passion of two amateurs for the fiesta “brava”. This adjective, which is part of the vocabulary of bullfighting, refers to the bravery and caste of the bull. It is also used by salseros to characterize authentic and uncompromising music. From this analogy, was born the idea to create a marriage of heart between these two cultures.

The festival owes its unique identity to its original programming based on discoveries, creations and the now famous “descargas”.

A village of casetas serves as a showcase for the stage and allows all audiences to eat or share a drink in a friendly atmosphere throughout these 3 days of free concerts.

From September 7th to 9th, Dax will meet you for a new musical escapade on the shores of the Adour and in the shade of the paths of the Théodore Denis Park with the swaying rhythms of salsa.

Once again this year, Toros y Salsa will be delighted by the opening of the season by inviting you for a weekend to share the sweet evenings of late-summer where you can taste the spicy flavors of tropical music.

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