Find The Best Competition in Australian Bachata Championship 2020

Latin music plays a leading role in the wonderful Australian Bachata Championship 2020 and it could not be otherwise because the festival organizers have a tremendous passion for these musical rhythms. The festival is staffed by dancers and dance teachers who share the same interest in the Latin Genres of music.


Taking into account that previous editions were highly successful, organizers have been given the task of offering a new edition for 2020.


Over the past few years, Bachateame has been taking place, but things are going to change a little this year. Everything that is planned is the realization of an event in which those interested can enjoy Latin music among them. Basically, the festival seeks to bring together Latin music lovers in a competition that will knock their socks off.


The main goal of the event is to make it as big as possible through cooperation and union of both the participants and the entire organizing team that makes this possible.


Judges: (image 2)




2 night party pass (entry to watch the competition) → $ 37.50

2 night party pass and ALL workshops (entry to watch the competition) → $ 63.50

Friday night party and 2 workshops (entry to watch the competition) $ 37.50

Saturday night party and 2 workshops, Xavi and Carlos & Chloe + (entry to watch the competition) → $ 37.50


Dates: 4-5 October 2020



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