Sunset Salsa 7th Edition in Iowa City is a FREE Salsa Dancing event that takes places indoors during the cold season and outdoors through summer time. In this opportunity the main thing is that you enjoy and move your hips to the “Son” of the great Latin voices of all times at PedMall Playground at 5pm.

This event is oriented to the community, and the main objective is to bring people a public space to dance. As a non-profit community event, which wants to involve people in healthy leisure environments, they promote diversity and inclusion through music. This place also serves as a meeting place for the different cultures that coexist in Iowa, and it becomes a way to fraternize with new people and raise the quality of life through a social and creative activity.

On the other hand, this meeting promotes health and well-being through Latin dance, because dancing to exercise brings many benefits to the body and mind. It is the only activity that integrates all muscle groups, giving to your body a great training while you enjoy the best rhythms of the tropics. If you have a partner and if you both like to dance, this is the place to spend time when the sun goes down. And if you do not have it, you are likely to find a salsa couple that will make you move your feet until the dance floor closes.

So do not forget that the date is this Saturday June 9th at PedMall Playground, 225 E College St, Iowa City 52240. And if you can not attend this event, keep in mind that Sunset Salsa is the second Saturday of each month. So the next date is July 14th, at the same time and in the same place, with the best energy, commitment and optimism as always.