Go To A Dream Place And Enjoy The Azembora Event

Tenerife has served as a showcase for a range of multiple festivals and events related to Latin and African music in recent years. Azembora is a very good example. Its organizers welcome you to a festival in which all participants will learn about African rhythms with a remarkably pedagogical approach. Additional to that, attendees will enjoy a dream location, where they will put into practice everything they know about dancing and music.

It is important to highlight the presence of many foreign artists who are visiting the Canary Islands for the first time, the latter being a great honour for the team of this wonderful event.

It will be a weekend that will have nothing to envy to any other.




– Presentation of the invited artists.

– Kizomba workshops.

– Semba workshops.

– Afro house workshops.

– Exclusive style workshops for women.

– Exclusive style workshops for men.

– Pool parties.

– Conference on Angolan culture.

– Workshops on musicality.

– Night parties.

– Shows.


Artists and DJs


– Rico Suave And Adda Dociu.

– Mestre Petchu And Vanessa Ginga Pura.

– Arnold Bunda.

– Bonifacio Aurio.

– Silvio Do Semba.

– Bruno And Iulia.




– FULL PASS € 60 (SOLD).

– FULL PASS 65 € (SOLD).

– FULL PASS € 70.




The Great Playa Turquesa Hotel will play host to the Azembora event and offers beautiful landscaped grounds and installations. It has 350 rooms in total and 50 apartments with a private terrace, kitchen facilities and all the comforts for the best stay.


And last but not least, the hotel includes Free Wifi, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, entertainment programs for children, gyms with sauna, 3 rooms for workshops, a room for parties, a gigantic pool, among other things.


Hotel address:


Antonio Ruiz Álvarez Street, 7


TENERIFE. Canary Islands. Spain,


Date: from 1st to 5th of October


Website: https://www.azembora.es/

Facebook: Azembora

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azemboraoficial/

Phone: (+34) 922 37 13 08

Email: [email protected]