By AFRO-CUBANO dance studio – Kateryna PLIUSHCH and Sergii ANTONOV From Ukraine


Guaguanco Festival 2012 Flyer 02

Guaguanco Festival 2012 Flyer 03


Talleres 2012



The Guaguanco Festival is created and organized by Jorge Alarcon Izalguez
(Camagüey) and its partners in the month of June 2010.
This event was created with the intent to raise awareness, enhance and expand
“La Rumba” as a genre folk musician / danzario, which consists of three events
that are Yambú the Guaguancó and Columbia.
It is important to note that the Rumba is a Cuban folk genre which comes clearly
through syncretism between the African and Spanish roots in earlier times. It is
a unique and original expression of the Cuban where a mix of rhythm, taste,
movement, spontaneity and joy.
General goals of the Festival:
• Publicize the genre of Cuban rumba and demonstrations that it entails and its
history and main representative figures.
• Provide an overview of all amalgam dances and traditional Cuban dances.
• Ensure that participants know more about this part of her Cuban identity and
have fun while learning.
Specific goals:
• To teach the basic steps and execute major variants within each demonstration
in the Rumba: Yambú, Guaguancó and Columbia.
• Teach the parts that are divided musically manifestations of the genre of
• Apply knowledge of the Rumba to other dance forms such as the casino /
salsa, as well as enrich variants with the insertion of Yorubas.
The Festival is oriented primarily to the genre of Rumba and all its
manifestations and the mixture of this with the Yoruba dance but other popular
genres are played traditional Cuban-host-record of the genus as Yoruba, Congo
or Bantu Carabalí (Abakua) Arara and Fanco-Haitien, besides other technical
subjects such as African / contemporary popular rhythms workshop are, casino,
wheel, folk song, …