HOT ICE KIZ Weekend 2017!

HOT ICE KIZ Weekend 2017!

Latvia is ready and proud to present you the next edition of HOT ICE KIZ Weekend 2017!

The mission of the event –To promote the mix of cultures from dance in numerous styles. And while kizomba is swiftly developing and expanding its territories, more styles appear, new flows/forms are being created and people start to dispute and argue about that really a lot. The goal is to show and underline how dance and Latin music were enriched during the lasts decades, saving the base and not losing connection with roots.

HOT ICE KIZ Weekend 2017!


  • Lucien Noten (Netherlands) + Yuliya (Russia)
  • Fred-Nelson (France, Paris)
  • Kalypso (Switzerland) + Diana (Latvia)
  • Pedro M. Martins (Portugal)
  • Benoit Blameble (France, Paris) + Svetlana (UK, London)
  • Xavier (France) + Inese ( Latvia)
  • Special workshops for ladies from Yana Tyan (Russia, Kaliningrad)


  • Dj Lenhy (France, Paris)
  • Dj Lass (France, Paris)
  • Dj Hugo Smile (France, Paris)
  • Dj SmArt (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
  • ArtiKeys (France, Marseille)
  • Dj T.K.M (Germany, Cologne)


  • Ludovic Nirina R.
  • Sebastien Arsene
  • Niko Viet-Marron (CMD team)
  • Josué Nonone
  • Emrâh
  • Franck Kizz
  • Lorenzo (ModeZero)
  • Avi (ModeZero)
  • Reza (ModeZero)
  • Mo Torakiz
  • Philippe Moderkiz

The special guest:

Shah Amin (Germany)


DJ LENHY (France)


  • 5 Parties
  • 2 days of workshops (urbankiz/French style, kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, afro)
  • 2 rooms for dancing (Friday and Saturday)
  • Taxi dancers
  • Social rooms with the best environment

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