Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress

Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress

The highlight of the year!

The 17th International Salsa & Bachata Congress in Israel, which will be held in the resort city of Eilat on May 16-19 2019!

An amazing long weekend of workshops, concerts, non-stop parties, sun, sea, pool parties, 3 meals a day, free drinks including alcohol, many treats during the parties and a very hot & unique atmosphere that you can only find here!

6 dance halls with the world’s top artists and the best Israel’s dancers & instructors, in cooperation with the leading schools in Israel.

The Israeli Salsa and Bachata Congress is one of the world’s leading events, attracts thousands of dancers from all over the world every year and is considered by many to be the BEST congress in the world.

Everyone talks about it – Now you can experience it! It’s not just a slogan, we really mean it, ask your friends who’ve been here and the will definitely tell you!

Our Motto – Promoting Peace through Dance: We invite dancers of every gender, nationality and religion to participate in an extraordinary experience in the Holy Land.

The trip to the Holy Land – we see the event as a mission and ourselves as ambassadors in the world and so, immediately after the event we invite our guests from abroad to participate in a trip to the Holy Land in order to give them a little taste of our beautiful Israel and provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On this trip, we will visit some beautiful places such as The Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more…

“A paradise for the Latin culture & the good life lovers”, said one of the guests from France.

Sun, pool parties, amazing workshops in all kinds & levels, stunning shows of the world’s top artists, parties – 24 hours a day in 6 different halls.

Now…imagine all that in the best luxury all-inclusive Hotel, luxurious meals all day, snacks food during the party, free alcoholic & soft drinks 24 hours a day! (As far as we know, we are the only event in the world that provides this!)

Now you are probably beginning to understand the meaning of – “A paradise for the Latin culture & the good life lovers”.

2019 Congress Program

Isarael Salsa & Bachata Congress

The 2019 International Salsa & Bachata Congress Schedule**

Thursday, May 16

17:00 Congress opening party by the swimming pool

21:00  Salsa dancing at the Entertainment lobby

21:30 Main show at the “Leonardo Club” Hotel

00:00 Dance party in all areas

Friday, May 17

10:00 Workshops for all levels as described in the workshop schedule

11:00 dancing music by the swimming pool

16:00 Rising Star Shows

17:00   Latin pool party

21:00  Salsa dancing at the Entertainment lobby

22:00 Main show at the “Leonardo Club” Hotel

00:15 Dance party in all areas

03:00 Afterparty held near the entertainment lobby – hip hop, R&B, and much more

Saturday, May 18

10:00 Workshops for all levels as described in the workshop schedule

11:00 dancing music by the swimming pool

15:30  Latin Pool Party

17:00  Bus transportation back north

17:30 Special Workshops for all levels at the Entertainment lobby

21:30 Main show at the Entertainment lobby

22:30 After-Congress party until 02:00

Sunday, May 19

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 The Holy Land Tour starts
See you next year

Israel Salsa & Bachata Congress

May 14-17 2020

** The Schedule is subject to changes

Note: please check for meal-times at your hotel’s lobby.

Although it’s called “International Salsa & Bachata Congress”, we have created over the years, an Artistic & Musical Program that fits each and everyone from any kind of music genre.

This year, we will activate 6 different Halls of 6 different types of music, in order to satisfy each and every type of dancers & music fans.

We offer accommodation packages in 2 hotels as shown below.

You can get to Eilat from the center of the country in one of 2 ways:

By air: 2 Israelis Airlines provide this domestic flight.

By bus: The Egged Bus Company provides this service.

We recommend you reserve your hotel rooms, flights or buses as soon as possible!

Leonardo Club Eilat All Inclusive Hotel

The hotel is set to host the workshops and evening parties

It is a 2-minute walk from Leonardo Privilege

Leonardo Privilege Eilat All Inclusive Hotel

The hotel is set to host the event’s pool parties

It is a 2-minute walk from the Leonardo Club

Holy Land Tour

Holy Land Tour

The Holy Land Tour begins right after the end of the Congress in Eilat. The tour has been a tradition ever since the third Congress and is one of its highlights. It is designed for foreign instructors and for all our foreign guests who wish to see Israel. The tour takes you to some of Israel’s most beautiful spots. As this year is the 17th Anniversary of the Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress and the Holy Land Tour, we are planning something special for you!

18.5 Saturday – Eilat

Congress ends in the afternoon, and after a short rest and a delicious dinner, you’re invited to the after-party with our overseas artists.

Dinner is included and the drinks are free

19.5 Sunday Eilat – The Dead Sea – Nokdim

After a delicious Israeli-style breakfast, we’ll head North to the Dead Sea, where you’ll be able to float in the uniquely buoyant waters. We will reach the Nokdim ranch in the afternoon, where we will spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent. This desert ‘sleep-over’ includes dinner and breakfast.

Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel for this unique bathing experience at the lowest point on earth!

20.5 Monday Nokdim – Jerusalem

After having breakfast in the heart of nature, we will say goodbye to the camels and head up to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, the world’s spiritual center, and a take a tour of the city’s holy sites. We know you’ll agree that it is a city like no other. Then we will move on to spend the night in Tel-Aviv, Israel’s cultural capital.

Breakfast and dinner are included.

21.5 Tuesday Qasr al-Yahud

We will go to Qasr al-Yahud, the place where, according to Jewish tradition, the Israeli people crossed the Jordan River when they entered the holy land, as well as in the place where Jesus and his followers baptized. In the evening we will have dinner and continue to the After Congress party at the Havana Club.

22.5 Wednesday

After last night’s celebrations, it’s time to say goodbye. See you again at the 18th Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress…

Breakfast is included


+ Tour includes a private bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv

++ Program may be subject to change

When it comes to Latin events, Latino del Mundo Productions is the leading production company in Israel.

Besides the Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress, this company produces other Latin events such as – The Israel Sensual Festival, and the Bailando Festival.

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