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The renowned Zürich Jazz Club Moods will begin streaming most of their concerts live, and will make them continually available as video-on-demand on https://www.moods.digital/en/ Moods is the first music venue in the world to stream concerts in high quality video and sound on his own digital channel. The «Moods Digital Concert Club» also creates progressive advantages for musicians worldwide. Artists will be able to profit from professionally produced video material while having a new source of income that is more cost efficient for consumers.

As of September 8th, the «Moods Digital Concert Club» will be online and available to access, at the web address https://www.moods.digital/en/ Thanks to twelve remote controlled cameras and a built-in sound studio in the upper floor of the club, more than 200 concerts a year will be recorded and streamed live, and this will be done in the highest level of video and audio quality.

Over 60 concerts have already been recorded, most of which are available and ready to be immediately streamed on https://www.moods.digital/en/ Music enthusiasts from around the globe can now experience Moods concerts in real time, or watch them at a later date with the use of a Smart-TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. For musicians, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase their musical work in cooperation with Moods on a viable international platform. Carine Zuber, co-director: «I am really excited to be part of this project who contributes to give a sustainability to the great concerts taking place every day here at Moods


ENJOY LIVE CONCERTS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Since Moods was founded 25 years ago, the music industry has changed. The sales numbers of physical media such as CD have declined. The attempts of the music industry to compensate for the loss of these sales through downloads and streaming platforms have been only mildly successful. Bands without the support of a major label earn their money mainly through the concerts they perform, by which their value, or lack thereof, is established with the end-of-night payment fee. The «Moods Digital Concert Club» is a innovative answer that was created around the question of how more of the money generated can flow directly back to the musicians.

During the renovations completed in Summer of 2016, the technical prerequisites were executed that allow the facility to live-stream and record concerts at Moods in Full-HD. The project was initiated by Claudio Cappellari, the current Co-Director of Moods. In the 90s, Mr. Cappellari was an early pioneer of streaming-Technology. With his company, he was able to stream concerts for major festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, the AVO Session and the German New Pop Festival. «In the next years, we aim to build the world’s largest archive of high quality HD-format concerts, thereby creating an additional revenue source for Moods and for musicians worldwide.»


The net revenue of the project will be split on a foundation of 70 percent with the bands and musicians who allow their concerts to be streamed: 50 percent of the revenues are proportionally distributed on the basis of the success of the individual broadcast concerts (viewing seconds), while 20 percent will be a solidarity contribution among all bands. This 20 percent will be distributed equally among the musicians and help artists who are less known to earn money.

Additionally, the concerts will not only be made available online, but they will also be marketed internationally on TV, radio and music platforms across the Internet. This will help generate additional revenues. Further, bands will receive excerpts from the video and audio recordings which they can use at their discretion for promotional use for free. Thanks to this project, artists have the potential to be spared the costly expenses for professional video and audio teams. Christoph Marthaler, President of the Moods Jazz Association, is delighted with the positive feedback: «Countless musicians have approached me to discuss the project – there is a lot of enthusiasm. We are confident that this step will lead Moods in the right direction.»


Moods is a Zürich Concert venue which during its regular season organizes a variety of Jazz, World, Funk, Soul, Pop and Electro concerts on a daily basis. On Friday and Saturday, parties are thrown after the concert. From national and international bands, from stars to complete newcomers, Moods organizes over 350 concerts a year. For Swiss musicians, Moods is the ultimate stage. Over half of all concerts are projects by local swiss musicians, with a strong focus on the local Jazz scene. In 2017 the Moods Jazz Association celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Located in the Schiffbau, the Moods Jazz Club is in an ideal location in the midst of Zurich’s pulsing 5th District. In addition, there is a stylish bar where musicians and fans alike chat and debate well into the night.

Since its beginning 25 year ago, Moods has developed into one of Zurich’s largest and most important cultural venues. At the same time, the venue has become one of Europe’s prominent Jazz clubs and enjoys a well-deserved global reputation amongst musicians and critics alike.

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