JN Music Group presents album “Legado de la Salsa Venezolana”

JN Music Group presents album

“Legado de la Salsa Venezolana” is an album by Mauricio Silva. A Venezuelan who grew up in a musical environment; his grandfather and father were closely linked to show business. Silva trained with great musicians from his country, becoming a great producer, arranger, conductor, vocalist, composer, pianist and trombonist.

Silva sought to enhance the career of musicians in general; who participated in some way to achieve world recognition of Venezuelan salsa.

Sixty singers participated in the production. Venezuelan musicians who have ventured into the genre and have made their productions in different parts of the world. Some of these artists such as: Argenis Carruyo was part of orchestras with great success in the United States, among them Los Adolescentes and La Dimensión Latina; Erick Franchesky was part of the Billos Caracas Boy, a leading orchestra in Venezuela that since the 1980s has had successful tours in the US and Latin America; Hildemaro in Los Melódicos, a band that since its inception has performed in the first Hispanic circles of Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Jesús Alberto Ochoa, who also belonged to Los Adolescentes and Los Melódicos; Cheo Linares, author of the album “Aqui He Llegado” that earned him two nominations for the 2009 JPF AWARDS in the United States; percussionist Luisito Quintero, who has around thirteen Grammys awards for his participation in different musical projects. The list goes on. In short, “Legado de la Salsa” has great exponents of the genre, with international merits and who have successfully traveled the different corners of the United States.

“Legado de Salsa” was recorded between Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Africa and the United States. Mauricio Silva made the musical adaptations and arrangements. Although without leaving aside the ideas of the original arrangers, such as: Óscar D´León, Sexteto Juventud, Luis García and Tomas “Monchy” Bernal, among others. His arrangements are part of what he wanted to achieve: an album that pays tribute to the greats of salsa made in Venezuela.

Silva thanked other colleagues in the industry who have paved the way for new generations and who are part of the history of Venezuelan salsa:

ldemaro Romero, Chaparro, Porfi Jiménez, Pavo Frank, Alfredo Padilla, Leo Pacheco He dedicated his album to the memory of his friends Carñín Rodríguez and Héctor Castillo:

“Those who were invited to participate in this project and left before achieving it, leaving a great” legacy “for their friends and followers,” Silva said.

An invaluable piece for this musical genre.