Joe Hanna (DJ Crazy Joe) from Abu Dhabi to the World

Joe Hanna (DJ Crazy Joe) from Abu Dhabi to the World

Joe Hanna (DJ Crazy Joe) is an entrepreneur, lead Instructor, event organizer, and DJ by night… Joe started dancing Salsa in Abu Dhabi, where he was born, in late 2002. His new profound passion led him to become an instructor in one of Lebanon’s top dance school:  Khanito Dance School and the most sought out resident DJ in Lebanon. Upon his return to Abu Dhabi in 2007, Joe founded SSS Team that was making a tremendous buzz over the past few years in the Middle East with the biggest group turn up for a Salsa Congress… EVER! DJ Crazy Joe’s main preference is ‘fun’… He plays the best of Salsa, Timba, Romántica, Bachata, Zouk/Kizomba and put the dancefloor on fire with Reggaeton, Kuduro and the like, which explains why he is the most recurring International DJ for Cyprus Salsa Congress ( 9 years in a row).

His SSS Dance School in ABU DHABI is growing fast, for the last year more than three hundred people registered only for salsa classes! The three “s” stand for Smooth Salsa Style

JOE produces two events a year: one in ABU DHABI city called ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL ( and the other one in LEBANON called LEBANON LATIN FESTIVAL. ( He is known for his events of high quality with amazing artists and venues, which attracts a lot of dancers from around the world.

JOE HANNA has attended 131 festivals around the world… and counting

Promoter/Co-organizer/ DJ / Events – Past & Upcoming: 
Cyprus Salsa Congress from 2007 to 2014
4th Salsa Jam Cyprus (September 2009)
5th Greece Salsa Boot Camp (May 2014)
Berlin Salsa Congress 2015 (biggest in Europe Oct 2014)

Resident DJ in Copas – Lebanon (2004-2006)
Resident DJ in Valley Green – Lebanon (2004-2006)
1st Lebanon International Salsa Festival (July/August 2009)
2nd Beirut Salsa Festival (August 2009)
2nd Lebanon Dance International Festival (Sep 2014)

Oman Salsa & Dance Festival from 2011 to 2014
Salsa Caliente (July 2012)

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1st Dubai Latin Salsa Festival (November 2007)
Dubai Dance Festival (2008-2014)
Resident DJ in SAX – Le Royal Meridian Latin Night (2009)
Resident DJ in Waves – Marina IL Bateen – U.A.E. (2009)
Resident DJ in the Clubhouse – Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi (2011)
1st Dubai Zouk and Salsa Festival (October 2011)
Resident DJ in Zenith – SSS Ladies Salsa Night – U.A.E (2012- 2014)
Resident Dj in Club Sohi – Latin Night every Wednesday –Aloft Hotel

World Salsa Congress Malta 2012

1st Turkey dance festival (September 2009)
1st Istanbul Int’l Dance Festival (October 2011)

1st Egypt Salsa Festival (October 2009)

Carthago Salsa Congress 2010 and 2011
Tunisia Salsa Festival (June 2011)

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +971 50 4422360

SSS Dance School

Lebanon Latin Festival 2015