Joel Salsa NY

Joel Salsa NY

Joel Salsa NY is a Latin dance school based in New York City, that offers different levels of Salsa On2 classes –Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.  All of their dance instructors are professional and the Salsa group classes are taught not only with the numbers, but Joel Salsa NY goes deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work.

Owners and founders of Joel Salsa NY are Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri, They are the most sought after NYC Salsa instructors known for their unique style of dancing and teaching methods. They are known world wide as experts in musicality, technique, leading & following and helping dancers around the world reach their professional dance goals.

Salsa Classes

Salsa Bootcamp – 8-Weeks Beginner Course (Level 1 & 2)

Tuesday or Thursday

The Salsa Absolute Beginner Bootcamp is for the student with little to no experience of Salsa and wants to learn the Fundamentals, Salsa Turn Patterns, Musicality and more.

The course is 8-weeks, once per week, and is split into 2 parts/levels.

It’s the perfect course to get you ready for the dance floor.

Salsa – Shines & Turn Techniques (Level 3)

Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Salsa Level 3 is for the student who is very comfortable with the tools, timing and turn patterns from the Bootcamp course or who has at least 4 months dancing Salsa On2 style.

In this level of Salsa, you should have a good foundation and understanding of Salsa timing, know how to lead or follow inside and outside turns and variations of these turns

In this open level class you will learn more complex turn patterns with different hand variations, challenging shines while strengthening the fundamentals and improving your skills.

Salsa – Styling & Turn Patterns (Level 4)

Monday @ 7:30pm

This class is the highest level in Salsa On2 and is designed for the Intermediate/Adv level student, instructor or performer who wants to master their tools and techniques and to understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor.

In this class you will learn advanced concepts, syncopated steps, advanced turns and what goes behind the memorization so you learn how to execute them efficiently on the dance floor.

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