Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival 2019

Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival 2019

The Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival 2019 is second annual event of its kind after a successful launch in 2018. Focusing on dance and music education and entertainment associated with the Afro-Latin genres of salsa, bachata and kizomba, the festival offers workshops for beginners through to seasoned dancers, Latin music enthusiasts and aspirant DJs, as well as community engagement activities with non-profits in Johannesburg. The 2019 edition will introduce tango and some additional modern urban Latin and African genres.

With four official social events including two themed parties with local and international performances, the event will showcase the best of South African, African and international talent. Beginners to the scene will have access to a specially focused learning stream and significantly discounted tickets, while seasoned and professional dancers will have access to international expert masterclasses.

The Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival
March 14th – 17th 2019!
Is about bringing cultures, nations, races and age-groups together through afro-latin music and dance and celebrating the energy and regeneration of Johannesburg, otherwise known as ‘jozi’.

The term Afro-Latin broadly groups various genres of music and dance that have evolved from exchanged cultural expressions between people of Africa (particularly East and Central) and the South Americas. Afro-Latin influences are forged largely from the expression of cultural identity amongst Africans at a time when they were forced into slavery, particularly by Spanish and Portuguese colonizers and traders. With its roots therefore in Africa, Europe and South America, Afro-Latin eventually became a global phenomenon via integration into other artistic styles developing in major centers, especially the cultural melting pot of New York City. Its influences throughout international music and dance styles are vast. The Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival focuses on street, club and social dance styles and African, Latin and Jazz music styles.

In Johannesburg and around the country and African continent there is a significant and growing Afro-Latin social dancing and music scene with many organisations and companies offering classes, events and performances as well as musicians, bands and specialist DJs. There is also an increasing international interest in Afro-Beat music that overlaps with the Afro-Latin umbrella.

Because we wanted something that was more than a dance congress, we launched in 2018 with a programme that included music and dance education workshops and seminars that offered knowledge, focused training and fun for dancers, music and dance enthusiasts and musicians, along with an exciting crash-course option for absolute beginners. We welcomed modern African dance into the mix as well as a community group from Alexandra Township, the Gumboots Foundation and celebrated the history and evolution of dance and movement with African heritage.

The Johannesburg Afro-Latino Festival 2019 will continue to develop these principles, as an annual event celebrating and promoting Afro-Latin dance and music in Johannesburg and South Africa. The event aims to be an enlightening and entertaining experience for local and international attendees, focusing on salsa, bachata, kizomba and Afro-beats, expanding to include tango and Brazilian samba.

The festival takes places over four days from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 March 2019 and features four parties, 35+ hours of dance and music workshops and seminars, local and international artists and DJs.


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