Kaem & Marine, The Dynamic Duo in France

Kaem & Marine, the Dynamic Duo in France

Kaem & Marine are most known as choreographers, international instructors & performers.

They are the creators of the AsOne style in Kizomba, and the founders of the KizAcademy Studios and the KizAcademy TEAMS worldwide.

They owe their international success to the stunning emotional power of their improvisations, the huge diversity, creativity and complexity of their moves and the artistic depth of their performances.

Their workshops became among the most praised in the world thanks to their groundbreaking methods of training inspired by hip-hop, contemporary, martial arts, athletics, acting, but also Tao, zen meditation, mindfulness therapy and spiritual practice.

Their 10 hours programs aim to make the student able to connect to himself, free himself from fears and judgement, dive in his creative world, learn to see his own technical flaws, master the movements in a very deep way, fully connect to his partner emotionally, master the energy flow between the partners, and the most important: learn to train by himself and build his own tools to become independent, and therefore free.

In June 2017, after 21 months of dedicated research and preparation, they created the KizAcademy Instructors School: The world’s finest and most complete program for instructors.

Kaem & Marine, the Dynamic Duo in FranceKaem & Marine’s career probably had one of the fastest growths the afro-Latin dance world has ever witnessed.

Only 10 months after they started learning kizomba, they made ” THE PIANO SOLO” a kizomba video that hit 1 million views within 4 days, and got them teaching and performing in festivals and events all over the world. After only one year of international career, they decided to stop working with festivals, to work with their teams and to launch their own schools worldwide.

They created the AsOne style, and reached their goal within 4 months and been able to welcome around 70 students in every class they taught. That allowed them to be totally independant from any other institution and to focus full time and with total freedom on their pedagogy, their technical mastery, and most importantly: their creative journey.

But why is this path relevant?

Such a fast and rare evolution was only possible thanks to 9 pillars every artist has:

  • Vulnerability, self-acceptance, self-discovery and self-mastery
  •  Inspiration and exploration of what touches one’s heart
  •  Developing one’s own style ,with sincerity and overcome the fear
  •  Creating a program of training for oneself
  •  Training on the deepest layer of movement : the natural motion and the  biomechanics
  •  Creating a program of workshop
  •  Public speaking ,pedagogy and psychology of learning
  •  Choreography drafting  and cinematic video making
  •  Expansion strategy , marketing and management

Anyone with an open and curious mind can learn all those things,

The issue is that no one, so far, was teaching them.

Most of the masterclasses only focus on succeeding at making fancy moves.

They totally disregard the development of the creative universe of the students , and they ignore all the other skills that make a complete creative dancer and a successful artistic entrepreneur.

During their carrier, Kaem & Marine became more and more aware of this mismatch between the existing concept of masterclass and what is really important to grow as an artist and have an international career.

Therefore, they decided   to create a full program for instructors that would prepare for the most important journey a dancer could ever experience: Self Discovery, Technical and creative Mastery and full self Expression.

For further information and courses https://www.facebook.com/KaemMarineAsone/