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The LATIN DANCE ACADEMY  (LDA) is run by international dancer and choreographer Susana Montero along with elite business partner Lady Laura Goodwin-Freeman. Together the partners have more than 30 years of teaching and dance experience as well as numerous successful businesses between them.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe that social dances like Salsa, can change your life through the sheer beauty and passion that is – Latin dance. The LDA strive to continually raise the teaching standards of Salsa through training and the quality of Salsa dancing as a result of this. LDA TRAINING The LDA have designed a complete, comprehensive and professional programme of training that enables those enrolled on these courses, to become more effective Salsa teachers who respect the social aspect of this dance genre. The programmes offered by the LDA, educate, improve, train and inspire all those dancers who wish to become teachers, to achieve this goal with the bonus of a recognised and respected qualification (should they pass the exams associated with this training!). Those dancers who are already teaching Salsa, can use the LDA programmes to improve their delivery of teaching, variety of content and if they so wish, pass a recognised qualification to help endorse the quality of their teaching. Salsa has grown enormously over the past 30 years and we hope that with this new examination and the support we can offer you to pass it, the LDA can positively contribute towards Salsa by raising not only the standards of our own teachers here in the UK, but also in Europe where the LDA are providing these programmes too. It’s actually running in the UK, SPAIN and GERMANY.

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ABOUT THE PROGRAMMES: The LDA is the first academy in the UK and SPAIN to train and prepare Salsa teachers for the new ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Salsa examination. The courses offered provide knowledge for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the examination plus we offer different programmes to suit students varying needs. Susana Montero designed this new Salsa examination & study material with the ISTD. At the LDA she will take you as far as you want to go with her comprehensive and step by step teaching approach. The examination to gain an accredited qualification IS OPTIONAL. At the LDA we will train you to become a better Salsa teacher whether taking the exam or no

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