Latin Music at Space 550-Dec 6th and 20th-San Francisco, USA




On December 6th:

Ernesto “Tito” Garcia is an optometrist in the predominantly Latino mission district of San Francisco.

I have been playing Latin Music profesionally since 1971. There are an incredible amount of talented musicians just waiting for the opportunity to learn how to play what is known as Modern, Popular Salsa-Mambo music of today.

I created this type of discipline Orquesta in order to provide the General Public an example of what i call Jazz-Influenced, High-Energy Latin Music. We play Salsa in the traditional format of the pioneers of this music and add our own West Coast “Tinge.”

We also dip into our bag of Salsa Tricks to bring back some of the Mambo’s, Cha-Cha-Cha’s and Boleros that this generation missed out on.

We take full advantage of our Multi-Cultural or “International” array of musicians in this area and thus the name of “Internacional.” We vary in size from as many as 16 performing musicians to as small a combo as 4-5 musicians. Depending on our performance necessities.



On December 20th:

Somos El Son  was launched on June 4th 2013.

It’s a powerful salsa orchestra based out of San Francisco Bay Area. Braulio Barrera, Peruvian singer/sonero is the band leader & master percussionist who carefully has selected the right combination of music repertoire from classic tunes to original ones. Barrera also has chosen the right combination of musicians especially designed for dancers!!!



Space 550

550 Barneveld , San Francisco, California, USA