Lirow launches Salsa “Mi manera de amarte”

Lirow launches Salsa

Lirow is a singer born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He is a composer and performer of urban, merengue and romantic bachata. His first contacts with music were through his parents. Daily, they listened to great Latin American ballasts like José José, Raphael and Julio Iglesias. Lirow began to awaken his musical ear and take an interest in the industry.

The güira and the tambora were the first instruments he played and they created very strong ties of connection with his roots and Dominican rhythms. At age 19, he moved to Miami. He studied at Miami Dade College and earned two music degrees, including one in production. In his early years he sang in different bars, events and private parties. He also participated in the Celebration Choir, MDC Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the MDC Men’s Choir

Álvaro “Lirow” Liranzo aims to write his own songs and devise his projects. He is very immersed in his musical career. In his solo proposals he tries to reach those who have not had the opportunity to listen to his music and are willing to open their hearts to his songs.

Salsa is one of the genres that he has explored in his career. During the first half of August he presented his song “Mi manera de amarte”. The single demonstrates the versatility of the artist and his good command of tropical rhythms. It is available on all digital platforms and already has more than a thousand views on YouTube.

The song is presented through a visual with a photograph of the artist, a woman and the name of the subject.

Lirow also had great success with his song “Bailando Bachata”, with more than thirty thousand views on YouTube. In addition, “Weekend” with Daniel Santacruz and Henry Santos that exceeds one million views on YouTube.

The artist has a lot of faith in “Mi Manera de Amarte”, with which he intends to reposition himself on the stage with a solo song. His musical career is just beginning and is already aiming for greatness. Much success!