Los Van Van in Europe


In November you can enjoy to seventeen unmissable concerts for lovers of latin and salsa all around Europe!

For decades, Los Van Van has been a world-class salsa orchestra that no one can keep silent about. The sixteen-strong formation continues to connect with this time through irresistible Cuban rhythms and Caribbean passion.

The band has been one of the first Cuban groups to use synthesizers and drum machines and has even created a completely new style: a superswing mix of a traditional charanga set-up (flute and violin combination), wind instruments and modern electronics, called ‘Songo’ by the Cubans. In addition to Changui and Son Montuno, two traditional Cuban styles, Los Van uses different kinds of music such as rock, funk, disco and hip hop. Today Los Van Van consists of a selection of the best musicians of the first generation and new Cuban talents and vocalists, led by Samuel Formell, son of the legendary founder of the band, Juan Formell.