Luis Enrique El principe de la Salsa


Tickets: $35 ( angeles)     

Luis Enrique

Nicaraguan salsa vocalist Luis Enrique, Grammy Award Winner, was one of Latin music’s first pioneers of the romantic “salsa sensual” style. Approaching an otherwise aggressive and bright musical style with a smoother, more emotive sensibility, Enrique laid the groundwork for salsa and Latin pop artists to follow, such as Marc Anthony and Victor ManuelleEnrique immigrated to the States in 1978, taking up residence in L.A. “El príncipe de la salsa” will sing all his biggest hits such as: “Yo No Se Mañana”, “Date Un Chance”, “Como Volver A Ser Feliz”, “Yo Voy Pa Encima”, “Noche De Copas, Desesperado, Dame De Tu Boca and much more…