Luis “Papo” Màrquez musician, singer, songwriter and producer

Luis “Papo” Màrquez

This son of music, born on December 18, 1972, in the Pinar del Río Cuba Province, was raised between notes and chords that led him to be the artist he is today, known as Luis “Papo” Marquez, and considered a complete musician: trumpeter, composer, arranger, singer and music producer.

As a child, he contemplated music as his environment, profession and way of life, thanks to his family who instilled in him all the passion for art and provided him with the tools to develop his knowledge. He began his trumpet studies at the age of 8 and, at 15, he already practiced professionally as a trumpet player in groups such as the Bella Mar Orchestra, Grupo Cumbre, musical grouping Los Trimmers, Grupo Íreme and Ricardo Hechemendía, in Pinar del Río and Havana.

At 19 he emigrated with his family to Venezuela, a country that opened the doors for his artistic consolidation, where he managed to make art on a large scale with the execution of his instrument and took the first steps within the world of composition and production.

“In Cuba, love and passion for music through the trumpet was born from me, but it was in Venezuela where I had, for the first time, the opportunity to look closely at how the art of composition worked. Suddenly, I was sitting in front of a piano and reading music sheet, trying to understand how they worked and falling in love with the trade. ” LPM

This is how he started a successful career, thanks to his perseverance and permanent study, having the opportunity to play his trumpet with Venezuelan orchestras such as Mauricio Silva, Erick Franchesky, Naty and his Orchestra, Biella Da Costa, Ilan Chester, Sergio Pérez, Porfi Jimenez , Alfredo Naranjo, Orlando Poleo, Los Incorregibles, Mulato, Repicao and Guaco.

He continues forging his path and arrives in Miami, where he expands his international path with artists such as Jon Secada, Bacilos, Willy Chirino, Oscar D ‘León, Juan Gabriel, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jerry Rivera, Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, Chayanne, José Luís Quintana “Changuito”, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Víctor Manuel, among others, with whom he has the opportunity to present himself as a trumpeter and in some cases, as arranger and producer.

One of his biggest recognitions has been the delivery of an American Grammy Award for best music producer with the album “Son del Alma” by Willy Chirino; however, for LPM, the recognitions come day by day with the opportunity to make the music that moves and elevates them in their personal and artistic satisfaction.

Luis Papo Márquez defines himself as a “citizen of the world” born in Cuba and with a Cuban-Venezuelan heart. Work and discipline are his pillars to get ahead and his greatest passion will always be “creating music that makes the world move”.

Participation as Trumpeter and Arranger: Jon Secada, Bacilos, Willy Chirino, Juan Gabriel, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jerry Rivera, Celia Cruz, Guaco, Cheo Feliciano, Chayanne, Edwin Bonilla, Luis Enrique, Victor Manuel, Rafael “El Pollo” Brito, Oscar D´León

Record Productions:

Son del Alma (The rhythm of the soul). Willy Chirino. 2004. Grammy winner.

De corazon a corazon (From heart to heart). Team VIP. Luis Papo Marquez. 2007

Wireless Telegraphy. José Luis Quintana “Changuito”. 2007

Puedes volar (You can fly). Luis Papo Marquez. 2011

Arturo Sandoval tribute. 2016

Cuban Añejo. 2017

Firstborn. 2019