Manny Cruz and Miriam Cruz join in “Yo quisiera ser”

Manny Cruz and Miriam Cruz join in

The Dominican singer and songwriter Miriam Cruz (former member of Las Chicas del Can) and Manny Cruz, also a Dominican singer and songwriter, join forces to give life to the song “Yo quisiera ser”.

The release of the song and its video clip are scheduled for this month. It can be enjoyed on the different digital platforms and it is already aiming to be a great success. “Yo quisiera ser” was born from the pen of Frank Ceara and Manny Cruz, had arrangements by Edwin García and was recorded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic by the Stereophonic Studios company.

Cruz was pleased to share this production with Miriam Cruz, much loved in Latin America and the world:

“Collaborating with one of the most beautiful voices in the Dominican Republic is a great pleasure. Miriam is an artist that I admire very much and I know that this song will be a hit God willing,” said the artist.

The situation of the global pandemic has not been an impediment to finalizing the details of the subject. Nor for both artists to continue reaping successes in their musical careers. Miriam with her single “No creo en él” which was released in February and already has more than 250 thousand views on YouTube and Manny with his collaboration, along with Elvis Crespo “Imaginarme Sin Ti” with more than 5 million views on Youtube. It is a song dedicated to Crespo’s daughter and that strikes a chord with those who are parents, with a fresh video and impeccable lyrics.

Manny Cruz and Miriam Cruz will give something to talk about and their song will become a worldwide hit. We look forward to it!