Meet Carlos David Suarez, professional dancer, choreographer, instructor and musician


Art has been in his veins since he was born, and Carlos David Suarez has cultivated his artistic gift, going far and traveling the world teaching and learning

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and grew up in the west of the city in the 23 de Enero, a well-known area to give birth and raise artists, athletes and talented people.

Carlos knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a musician (timbalero) … At 7 or 8 years old, his parents took him to the house of one of the best percussionists in Venezuela and from that moment he began his career in the art world.

Later, his mother could not take him to music classes anymore and unfortunately had to leave them aside, and continue with his primary studies. Although in one way or another, he was always connected with the stage and the dance. At school, he was part of plays, acts, traditional dances and everything related to the arts.

Years later, he started playing soccer, and soon realized that he was in love with the sport, and began training hard to thrive within teams.

Discipline to achieve dreams

One of his main strengths is discipline, so he applied it to both: art and sport. He came to play on good teams and was seen himself playing professionally outside of his native country.

“Yes, I always saw myself outside Venezuela, not because of any specific situation, but because as a child I saw myself traveling the world with music, art, or sports.”

Years later, when he was 14, his older brother took him to Imagenes Latinas, an incredible artistic dance school where he trained, and the only one he attended for at least 8 years. There he studied ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, funky, Latin genres and above all; Salsa.

“I had great teachers who gave me the opportunity, seeing that desire to be a better artist every day, especially Arelis Guevara, owner and choreographer of the company”

After many efforts, sacrifices, study and, above all, hours after hours of rehearsals, Carlos become the first dancer of the professional company for three consecutive years. He traveled with the company to many national and international events, conferences and TV shows … South America, USA, Europe and Asia.

After his stay in the company, he decided to take other roads, take his own path and do new things. It was part of a ballet where he made musicals and all kinds of varied shows. He learned a lot about other disciplines such as tap, flamenco, nationalist dance, tango; and even a little acting.

He was in the ranks of this ballet for two years and then took his path as a soloist. For the first time, he had the opportunity to travel outside his country; to Miami.

“I was working on famous nightclub shows; then I went to Los Angeles to work with another dance company that I was in for a short time and then I went to Panama. ”

Breaking through at the dance

He worked for a short time in Panama; he returned for a short time to Venezuela, and moved to Casablanca, Morocco, where he worked in Salsa and Bachata shows. After two years, and to continue evolving in his artistic career, he decided to go to Europe. He arrived to the city of Amsterdam, Holland, where he was doing shows and workshops at congresses as a soloist.

Soon, he moved to Germany to pursue his dance training … He lived in Germany for two years, worked at various dance schools, and began to expand his horizons, making himself known at Salsa conferences throughout Germany, Europe and Africa. Then after another job offer, and pursuing more dreams and learning, he moved to Milano, Italy, where he lived for a couple of years and the opportunities to go to conferences and festivals were multiplying, giving classes and workshops in Europe, Africa and the United States.

At the time of this interview, Carlos is based in the United States completing art projects with other companies.

“I have had the joy of playing as a musician, and working with excellent companies, dancers, famous awards and great artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Pitbull, Chino & Nacho, El Gran Combo de PR, Los Adolescentes, among others. ..”

Carlos Suárez continues to study, train and learn more and more from this career, which in his opinion is infinite to learn. He continues to work as an instructor, choreographer and dancer, doing shows at many festivals, giving his best at every step, respecting his work, image, integrity and ethics.

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