Orchestra La Moderna Tradición at Trade Vick’s – Emeryville

Orchestra La Moderna Tradición at Trade Vick’s – Emerville

A full house took place the most anticipated event of this month of September (Friday 23rd), the presentation of the orchestra Modern Tradition in Trade Vick’s, a fantastic and legendary restaurant that fuses oriental and tropical food accompanied by live music. This restaurant has 45 years of experience in the national market and is located in Emeryville Marina and San Francisco Bay.

At 7:00 pm the show started as expected, the Orchestra La Moderna Tradición, founded since 1995, stepped on stage and began to play their swinging Cuban Charanga Music, a powerful Afro-Cuban music that includes string, wind and percussion instruments.

The orchestra strolled through the great successes of their 3 musical productions: Danzonemos (1997), Goza Conmigo (2000) and the last one En Canto (2006).

Their sound (although at first with some flaws) and despite of this detail, aroused great admiration among the present, seducing them to dance for hours with their traditional Danzón, Cha-Cha-Cha, modern Charanga and Salsa; and although the dance floor was not the size needed for the number of attendees, the majority were able to give their best social dance to the rhythm of this tropical music.

Tregar Otton (Violin)Tregar Otton (Violin): leader, founder, composer, arranger and orchestra’s  director for more than 20 years, told us that this show has been one of the best, loved everything that was touched and made even more amazing the fact of being surrounded by family, friends and above all seeing people dancing, interacting with his music, was an indescribable feeling to him.

The other members that composed the front train of the group this night were:

Felix Samuel (lead vocals)Felix Samuel (lead vocals): Former vocalist of the group Los Boleros. He is with La Moderna Tradición since 1 year ago. His father is the famous Cuban singer Sammy Samuel of the renowned band Ritmo Oriental, one of Tregor Otton’s favorite bands. He really loves them. It’s an honor that Felix plays with The Modern Tradition, commented Tregar.

Mike Spiro (Percussion): He played the Timbales, Congas y Tumbadoras.

Miguelito Martinez (Flute)Miguelito Martinez (Flute): Musician from Chiapas, Mexico.

Bob Karty (Piano): Member of the orchestra since 15 years ago. Also, you will find Julio de la Cruz from Cuba playing sometimes.

And finally, Ernesto Kindelan (Bass): Musician and member of the orchestra.

Ernesto Kindelan (Bass)This orchestra, the only band in the country that specializes in playing sensual Cuban danzón has participated in numerous festivals such as: Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing, San Francisco Jazz Festival, and the Smithsonian Institution; they has disseminated their music through their tours that including from Alaska to the borderline in El Paso, Texas.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to have more opportunities to see this kind of bands in live, to witness their touches is truly exciting; to have more festivals, to enjoy their music in indifferent night clubs to have that feeling of joy; where there are several generations gathered, some to remember and others to learn these conventional rhythms, but in the end, all people to Gozar!

Definitely tell you, there is nothing that surpasses the live music of this orchestra, they manage to shake with their sonority, the sound of the trumpet enters for your veins, caress your ears with the soft melody of the violins and the flute, your hips become rhythmic when you hear the rhythm of the congas and percussion along the bass, and your heart is accelerated with the incomparable tempo offered by the piano symphony. Do you think that the orchestra La Moderna Tradición teleported me to the traditional social clubs of Havana – Cuba in the 1950s? OH, YES! I also think so…

There wasn’t even a cover and the evening with this band lasted until 10:30 pm.

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Venue: 9 Anchor Dr, Emeryville, CA 94608

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