After being separated from the musical environment for around twelve years, “ ORCHESTRA PA’ LA CALLE ”, who reaped successes from 1996 to 2001, now returned again with their unique and contagious style.

Created by Ángel Díaz and Carmelo Rivera, who reaped their successes under the independent label (PALA Records). Successes such as “Estoy Enamorado“, “Amor”, “Me cuesta tanto” among others.

PA ’LA CALLE exceeded their expectations in sales and with their second production under the V.I. Music was entitled “Now is I go” with songs like: “I’m crying”, “You are like this”, “That girl”, and “Where will my love be”. The latter being the one that will mark the success of the musical career of this group.

The year 2012 without a doubt marked a new stage in the musical life of the orchestra, and with the return dedicated to our deceased drummer José “Neri” Rodríguez.

PA ’LA CALLE has been presented on WAPA TV, on radio stations making itself known with new musical themes, playing strongly in Chile, Venezuela, Santo Domingo where they hope to perform strongly. In 2012 they resumed their musical journey with the recording of 2 new songs, the cover “I have lived waiting for you and my heart does not suffer” original lyrics. In 2014 the 3rd song was recorded, the Cover “Que Lloro” which sounded strongly throughout Puerto Rico and marked its way strongly again and in 2016 they recorded the fourth song “Vamos Pa Lante”, it sounded strongly in Puerto Rico and Chile.

Now we are presenting our fifth cover “Te Quise Olvidar” and the sixth “Mi Niña” and soon they will finish the seventh song which they will call “Vamos De Fiesta”. They mention that … “This is the beginning of what will be our 4th Production which will be entitled” To my Friend “and it will have a theme called” To My Friend “which is dedicated to our deceased colleague and co-founder of the orchestra”.

In this 4th production they will present a song with the salsa rhythm and we will have a Christmas song called “Esta Navidad”; It is important to note that it is being produced by Nelson L. Cordero in his studio Muralla Studio.

The Orchestra Pa’ la Calle is ready to continue performing in all kinds of activities and they have a varied musical show. If you want to listen to the new songs, click on the following link and enjoy them:


Video “MI NIÑA”: